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Anybody getting the pulse wireless headset?

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User Info: HoIlywood

4 years ago#11
Can they be connected to multiple devices at once? Like say my Vita and my laptop?
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User Info: lostkiwi

4 years ago#12
Had I not purchased the older set only a couple of weeks ago I would have considered it.

I've got a surround sound system though, the only time I use them is when the wife wants to go to bed early and I'm gaming/watching movies. But, in those times, it's an excellent replacement, and does everything I would have hoped it would.

I'm not sure about the new set, but the old set certainly has my recommendation.
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User Info: BloodyBooger

4 years ago#13
been using them for a while now. had it connected to my pc with the wireless dongle and worked fantastic.

connected it to my android tablet with the 3.5mm plug, with this option, power can be on or off. with power on, bass adjustment slider can be used. also the mode button is usable, with the nice lady telling you what mode the preset is set to with each press. with power off, these two options aren't adjustable, but normal stereo sound is still going through the wire.

this headphone blows the old one out of the water on features alone. (yes i know it's more expensive) it was worth the purchase, and i still need to try them on the ps3.
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User Info: crazyman32

4 years ago#14
they look good and I am interested in an extra wireless headset so I will think about it.
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User Info: tyrant6

4 years ago#15
Just upgraded from last years model and must say these are great.Am actually liking the BassImpact and I didn't think I would
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User Info: fireblade08

4 years ago#16
If you're looking for a wireless headset with Virtual Surround get the Pulse headset. it's a vast improvement to the previous one: more metal, better ear covers. it's a lot more comfy and easy to put on. the buttons are better. a nice female voice tells you what mode you're setting to. full compatibility (Vita, mobile device) with the audio cable which doesn't use the battery.

the integrated mics are nice but Sony still put the Power On Light in a slight view of your eyes (maybe not for you) which is bad for the eyes. (blue & near UV light (like from LEDS) can make some people go color blind). stupid that I have to find a way of dimming it again.

I never play with DualShock controller Rumble On except when the game revolves around it (Pixeljunk 4am) 'cos i feel it may hurt some peoples wrists if used excessive (proper study has not been performed). I like that people get their hands on BassImpact. i only watched TV (feature) with it for now but, to me, it's just Rumble for your ears. it's cool tho & it feels really special. I have to try it out for games with all the modes present and I may start to like it more. right now I wouldn't say get it for BassImpact but get it for the great piece of hardware it is.

i feel SONY gets real close to a perfect gaming headset with the Pulse. lol i'm typing this and the BassImpact is going crazy. wow, it does seem like an awesome feature. i'll have to try it out really. now i'm thinking maybe do get it for BassImpact =)

User Info: archizzy

4 years ago#17
You think rumble in a controller can cause people to hurt their wrist? Come on man.
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professional gamer 4 years ago#18
Anyone willing to comment on how long these hold a charge for?
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User Info: cedricthegreat

4 years ago#19
I got about 7 hrs of battery life while using it with ps3 and u can use them while charging
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