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Games in Prison: Should Prisoners Be Allowed Access to Video Games?

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User Info: thisranks

5 years ago#231
We have people with regional biases playing games as it is ... why not moral issues as well?

Since it's not up to me personally i don't really care, but i think the smart thing to do is put it to a vote. With the taxpayers forking over the dough to house them they should have a say.
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User Info: agrissa

5 years ago#232
calhoun1389 posted...
agrissa posted...
calhoun1389 posted...
agrissa posted...
No. If prison is actually fun then it's not a very good deterrent for potential criminals is it?

It's not supposed to be a deterrent... Not that deterrents ever actually work.

Prison is not supposed to be a deterrent? Well that's news to me. Explain please.

Prison is a reform facility, not a deterrent, but this was already explained in the thread. If you wish to read it, read the thread.

But "going to prison" is a form of punishment right? And this form of punishment helps deter crimes, does it not? Even if prisons aren't intended to be a deterrent, they are acting as a pretty effective deterrent I'd say.

As much as I'd like to live in in a world where most ppl who don't commit crimes don't because they feel it's morally wrong, that's not the case.

Most ppl don't commit crimes because they're afraid of the consequences, one of which includes going to jail. It very safe to say that A LOT MORE ppl would commit crimes if they knew there would be no consequences what so ever.
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User Info: Hunter1534

5 years ago#233
pjnelson posted...
Paragon57 posted...
Games in Prison: Should Prisoners Be Allowed Access to Video Games?


If it was up to me, prisoners would sleep in a four-by-five-foot concrete cell (note that this isn't quite big enough for most people to comfortably lay in) with no bedding of any kind (sleep on floor) and a bucket to crap in. They'd eat gruel thrice daily every day and nothing else. They wouldn't have books, and definitely wouldn't have television, video games, or computers. For exercise they would work as a chain gang.

Stupidity at its finest.
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User Info: THMBZDownGNZUp

5 years ago#234
THMBZDownGNZUp posted...
THMBZDownGNZUp posted...
Dead topic is dead. This horse has been beat enough.

User Info: James Mason

James Mason
5 years ago#235
It's funny to see gamers bragging that video games are an essential part of life and that inmates should be allowed to play games. Granted this is a message board about games , probably populated by people addicted to video games (who else spends their day arguing about video games not even released in message board forums) , but it's kinda wierd anyway.

People can live without games. It's not a necessity to provide prisoners video games. There are other , less expensive forms of entertainment (like books) that are both more educational and allow more reflexion than video games. Most video games are pretty mindless , violent endevour where you headshot people over and over, not exactly the best thing to teach something to convicts.

The logic I see is "I like games , so if I was in prison, I would be happy to play games"... Yes... But if you're a drug addict, are you going to say "I love smoking a joint every night, I think prisonners should be allowed drugs because I enjoy it on the outside". Not everything needs to be in prison, and as long as you provide enough content to occupy prisoners, you don't need to emulate everything that occurs outside of prison, especially things like video games, which aren't exactly the most productive of hobbies anyways...

Give them books, make them do theater, give them art furniture, teach them to sculpt, paint, anything that elevates their condition instead of having them doing fetch quests in WOW or killing people by shooting their brains out in COD4.
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User Info: lkhlkh

5 years ago#236
Force them to play ME3 and make them watch the ending
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User Info: Colinp42

5 years ago#237
DarkSymbiote posted...
No. Books should be the maximum. They are in prison because they have done bad things. They shouldn't get free gaming times.

Agreed. Bad enough they get to watch TV.
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User Info: Undead587

5 years ago#238
I think Americans have a warped view of what prisons are actually for. Prisons were originally made to rehabilitate people to function once again in society. Norway, for instance, has been pretty successful in that.

That being said, not everyone in society *can* be rehabilitated, but there are plenty of people in our prison system that are in there for drug felonies and whatnot.

User Info: TheBonfini

5 years ago#239
A lot of you people are so clueless. Prisons are just another tool governments and corporations use to maintain control and placate the sheep and keep the taxpayers paying and controlled with debt.

Everyone in here has broke some law that is punishable with prison time. Have you ever assaulted someone? Assault is as simple as yelling or even actions to induce fear, such as break a dish in an argument. How about drive a vehicle under the influence because you only had a couple? You may not be impaired but often your blood alcohol reading would be over the legal limit.

Ever had a narcotic with out prescription? Ever illegally download an MP3? Ever lit fire to a plant that was declared illegal by old, white men who held irrational fear for other cultures? People need to wake up.

I heard it can cost upwards of $80k a year to house an inmate. All non violent offenders should be released and able to work in a productive manner for society to thrive. The idea that someone who possessed plants that grow naturally on this earth is draining thousands of taxpayer money for a nonviolent offense is rediculous.
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User Info: wh0_kn0ws

5 years ago#240
^ gets it
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