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Ubisoft predicts opportunities to pair microtransactions with $60 games

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  3. Ubisoft predicts opportunities to pair microtransactions with $60 games

User Info: UltimaKeyMaster

4 years ago#41
Ubisoft, that kinda crap works with one game and one game only: WoW.

What idiot who already paid SIXTY BUCKS wants more micro-transactions? You know why F2P games have them? They're FREE, the transactions are only sped-up upgrades for pete's sake!

User Info: brainlack

4 years ago#42
ubisoft great idea following capcom.

ex watchdog you start with an ak47 and the next hour it will be automatically thrown and you will use a side arm and next hour you will lose the side arm if you are'nt gunna buy the weapons with $$$ and you just bought them with game money

whats next you will have a timed demo if you wont buy the equipment in ac3 you sneak up to the guy and hidden blades demo expired and was lock how are you gunna fight strip naked from your weapons

yes ubisoft hire me and i'lll make sure video game crash will repeat and format the system
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User Info: hockeybub89

4 years ago#43
I will continue to buy games as normal and buy extra content that I deem worthy of my money.

Man, what a concept. It's a lot better for your health than going on a moral crusade because some game companies want to make more money from their games. People hear the words DLC or microtransaction and exaggerate about how EA is going to charge you $10 per footstep or some nonsense. Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica

User Info: antoinejones

4 years ago#44
OfficeChair posted...
Cool. Do it.

Not only will I NOT spend my money on the crappy items you made for micro-transactions (when you should of spent that effort somewhere else), I won't buy the vanilla version of the game.

Thank you for letting me know openly Ubisoft that you plan to be scumbags.

Why do people whine without knowing details (and even when they know details they still whine despite them not making sense)..

for example sleeping dogs has a 3 dollar item you can buy to increases your level instantly... do you HAVE to buy that? No.. just level yourself up the hard way.. that 3 dollars is for lazy people with the extra money to through away.. those of us who actually like to PLAY our games will level up the hard way...

now when they start releasing pay items that are necessary to gameplay.. for example.... you need a rocket launcher to kill the last boss... but the only way to get the rocket launcher is paying 5 bucks... thus you cant even finish the game without giving them an additional 5 bucks on top of what you already paid for for the game itself... now when something like THAT happens.. then by all mean I wont try to stop anyone who wants to go bomb their corporate headquarters
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User Info: Paragon57

4 years ago#45
From: gilv3r | Posted: 10/4/2012 12:37:05 AM | #031
PhoenixRush posted...
Ugh, next gen is gonna suck...


Haha, maybe...
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