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Thinking about trading/upgrading - transfer question

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User Info: FallenNocturne

4 years ago#1
I'm thinking about trading in my 80GB non-BC fat since apparently I could get $180 for it from GS - not likely to get that anywhere else after this promo is over. Problem is, I obviously can't do a system transfer if I've traded in my old PS3 to GS. I've read that you can backup your saves to the cloud and do the transfer that way, but I just wanted to know if I've got the right idea here:

1. Backup saves to cloud.
2. Format PS3/deauthorize account.
3. Trade in PS3, buy new one.
4. Sign in on new PS3.
5. Download cloud saves.
6. Redownload PSN games.

Would that accomplish pretty much the same thing as doing an Ethernet system transfer? And I wouldn't run into any roadblocks by doing it that way, right?

User Info: FallenNocturne

4 years ago#2
Bump. Anyone?

User Info: cedricthegreat

4 years ago#3
yes that will work
everyone plays video games I want to make them

User Info: Eoin

4 years ago#4
There's only a few potential issues that you might run into with this method:

- "protected" saves can only be downloaded 24 hours after uploading, so if you trade your PS3 and then quickly buy a new one, you may find some saves can't be downloaded immediately.

- the cloud storage only stores PS3 saves. So if you only rely on cloud storage, you will lose any saves for PSone games, PS2 games and Minis. All of these, however, can be backed up onto a USB drive, so hopefully this shouldn't be a worry for you.
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  3. Thinking about trading/upgrading - transfer question

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