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Double Dragon NEON is amazing

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User Info: Stanger5150

5 years ago#41
smoky820 posted...
also is it just me or would anyone have prefered if the game was 2d (especially in the style the continue screen)

I would have preferred that, but I love the use of Billy (or Bimmy, lol) and Jimmy's Double Dragon II sprites on the map screen. The only think I hate is the VA. I always saw Billy and Jimmy as serious warriors, not morons who talk like Michelangelo (works well for him, but not DD).
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User Info: UltimaKeyMaster

5 years ago#42
For a $10 revival, it certainly looks awesome. Sure, I was already a beat-em-up fan for a while (Battletoads, Streets of Rage, hell even the SoR-like Genesis Power Rangers movie game) and I loved Scott Pilgrim. This still looks pretty fun for a 3-hour co-op romp.

Sure, it's not for everyone I understand. But the "this game is contributing to the downfall of games cause people fall for it from the name alone" what is your problem?
Why is selling from brand name alone suddenly a problem when every medium ever does that? Not only that, but it's a revival of a classic series we haven't seen for 20 (20+ technically with the 80's theme) years, why would anyone's mind immediately think "oh god this is gonna suck" after seeing just a few seconds of it when it's just like the classics with some tweaks?

Fine if you didn't like it, but a $10 franchise revival people were hyped for is helping to cause gaming's downfall? Get over yourselves.

User Info: TBeatty716

5 years ago#43
I like it but it's frustrating to play a game that was clearly designed with online co-op in mind when no online co-op is available.

User Info: Hucast9

5 years ago#44
icewolf74 posted...
darkshadowmaster posted...
Respectfully disagree.

It's not bad, but far from amazing IMO. Would have been mad if I paid for it.

Dude, there are so many 80's pop culture references in this game how can you not think the game is amazing? Unless you didn't grow up in the 80's and can't appreciate the nod back to that awesome, awesome decade.

haha the 80s was in fact awesome:

- Saturday morning cartoons
- Transformers
- Duck Tales
- Street Fighter at the arcade
- The Karate Kid
- feel free to add
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