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if you could make a game that was a prequel to another game

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User Info: peter_888

5 years ago#1
which one would you make and why?

for me, it got to be Valkyria Chronicles.
if only because I'm so interested in Belgin Gunther(Welkon's Father) and the first Europa War.
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User Info: Rebel_G

5 years ago#2
PSWii60 Gamer

User Info: Mister_Biggie

5 years ago#3
Gears of War - The Emulsion Wars.
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User Info: FFVIIFangirl

5 years ago#4
Final Fantasy VIII
Focus mainly on Laguna.
Waiting for: Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Playstation All Stars, LittleBigPlanet Karting, Resident Evil 6

User Info: undeadeath

5 years ago#5
I'm going to go with an extremely obscure one here but Rise of the Dragon. I always wanted to see another game that was either a prequel that led to how Blade became a down on his luck private eye or a sequel detailing another case. That game absolutely rocked and I'd love a chance to play another one.
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User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
5 years ago#6
Metal gear solid
a game about The Boss
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User Info: BokuxPico

5 years ago#7
An FFX game focused on Braska, Jecht and Auron

User Info: SuperPlatano

5 years ago#8
majin nemesis posted...
Metal gear solid
a game about The Boss

and the Cobra Unit
Every Villain Is Lemons.

User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#9
That's a damn fine question.

Hmm...I would have to say...Bioshock. I have always wanted to see what Rapture was like in it's heyday.
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: Killingjoke_666

5 years ago#10
Burgertime. Howd those burgers get so big?
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