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What was the first Final Fantasy you ever played?

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User Info: Vivi0198

5 years ago#261
FF2 aka 4.

And no.
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User Info: Tention

5 years ago#262
7 and it's up there for me. it comes down to 7 and 10 for me. honorable mention to 4 and 12.
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User Info: RSF1212

5 years ago#263
I think it was IX, no it was not my favorite.

User Info: JackelofAH

5 years ago#264
1, and hell no.

User Info: TehAssasin

5 years ago#265
PrinceBlackMage posted...
FF 7 and no...

FF6 is my favorite!

User Info: wishseeker234

5 years ago#266
FF8. and yes, it is currently my favorite.

User Info: GrandUltima

5 years ago#267
X was my first FF and XII is my favorite.
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User Info: Dimon101

5 years ago#268
Final Fantasy 1. When it first came out, it was my favorite, because the only other RPG back then you could play was Dragon Warrior 1 and i always had a really hard time at it. Years later i found DW1 was actually easier than FF1.

I kinda lost my enthusiasm for this series though.

The idea of these games have become cliche'd and nitched. They need to ditch this series and make a new one. That is my opinion...If they do, i hope they go right to Chrono's Series
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User Info: AngusThermopile

5 years ago#269
Final Fantasy VI on SNES, which i think is one of the greatest rpg's of all time, let alone FF's. I then played 4, 7 and so on up until 13, which i have not played.

User Info: justdontask

5 years ago#270
TehAssasin posted...
justdontask posted...
FiendingHard posted...
justdontask posted...
so many nostalgia f***..... FF7 is past its time! i can understand when you say it's your favorite.... that's an opinion and that's allowed... is it the best game of all time? hell no... it was record breaking, at the time... that is no longer true... sorry kids, but it isn't perfect, and nowadays it's actually pretty pathetic...

back on topic though, the first one i played was 7.... never got into it enough to do any side quests, and ended up struggling to beat the final bosses... but my favorite is definitely 13... why? i've grown up... i'm past the whole "FF7 iz da bestest cuz i grew up wiff it" stage of gaming... i can think for myself, and make my own opinions... 13, 13-2, and 12 are the only 3 FFs that i believe are GREAT games now... hell i think i've played through 12 four or five times now.... completed the SPD twice...

This topic was going just fine until you showed up to insult other people's opinions and memories.

i'm not trying to insult everybody... i'm completely ok with people saying it's their favorite FF... doesn't bother me one bit... the people that think it's the best game ever made are the ones i want to insult... THOSE are the only idiots here... they're too dumb to realize that it has its faults, like every game... or that they don't state it as an opinion, but as though it were a fact....

You just made yourself sound even dumber. You're whining the fact that certain FF like FFVII is the best FF to them, and then you proceed telling FFXIII, XIII-2 and XII are the best. Irony much?

uhm, go back and read what i said... "i believe" clearly means that it isn't fact, only what i think...
you can be anyone on the internet, why do you choose to be stupid?
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