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What was the first Final Fantasy you ever played?

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User Info: Reno_turks

5 years ago#271
1 and more or less

User Info: Pinatalover

5 years ago#272
X and not at all.
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User Info: MindGamingManti

5 years ago#273
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User Info: Cowboys4u86

5 years ago#274
VII and yes.
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User Info: Undead587

5 years ago#275
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

The first one I played of the main series was probably FFVII.

My favorite is between FFVI and FFIV. While I played these in my 20s rather than my childhood, they were easily the best of the series.

User Info: darkgod1000

5 years ago#276
Like most people FFVII. Its tied with FFX as my favorite.

User Info: pokechampion

5 years ago#277
FFVII, and why yes, it is :)
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User Info: Averra

5 years ago#278
3/6 and no its not my favorite

User Info: AuthorNumber2

5 years ago#279
Final Fantasy 1 and while not my fav, it is one of my fav FF games. FYI: My fav is 6.

User Info: mickey5252

5 years ago#280
Final fantasy 8 was my first and I don't have a favorite but i have a least favorite
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