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What was the first Final Fantasy you ever played?

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User Info: Vegard488

5 years ago#61
FF Legends 2... lol

But seriously, FFII / IV, and yes I would say it's my favorite.

User Info: thegreatcthulhu

5 years ago#62
Vegard488 posted...

But seriously, FFII / IV, and yes I would say it's my favorite.

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User Info: SythisTaru

5 years ago#63
XI, and yes.

User Info: Floated_Bomber

5 years ago#64
VII and no

User Info: Kageblade23

5 years ago#65
Spurner posted...
Kageblade23 posted...
VII and no although it is on my tops list along with IX and X but my favorite and i know im prolly gonna get bashed for this but it was dirge of ceberus

I'm not going to bash your favorite, but it is rather unusual. I enjoyed it, but, then again, I only paid 20 bucks for my copy. I might have been a bit more critical of it had I paid full price.

i think thats probably why i deemed it as my favorite i believe i pre-ordered it if not i bought it full price on day of release... so i kinda just played the hell out of it to be honest it was more so because it was centered on vincent who happened to be my fav from VII

User Info: SomeMacGuy

5 years ago#66
7 yes
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User Info: Playsaver

5 years ago#67
Final Fantasy one is the first Final fantasy game I bought and play a bit then quit.
Then sometime later got FF 2 for the snes when i returned something I couldn't use at eb games.(usa version. It's basicly the easy version of ff 4 japan.)
FF 1 was hard as anything at the time i bought it. Probibly from the fact that lvling up didn't occour to me as being needed to play a game like that. Same goes for ff2 usa as well. But 2 usa was beatable without grinding a lot. Learned a lot from ff2 though, like the fact that some items could cast spells. So I went back to ff1 and was able to beat that after finding out a healing staff could be used as an item to cast cures. And some other items cast some great blm magic. All without having to use any magic points which were rather limited in the original ff 1.
I really can't say ff one is my favorite. I can't really say which ff game is a favorite. I did like ff2 usa a lot and played through it a few times.

User Info: vecryn

5 years ago#68
FF IV on snes back when it was FF II. It's not my favorite but it still is one of the best games i've played

User Info: Pirate_Balthier

5 years ago#69
VI and not really, it's in top 3 though.
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User Info: ReDxVaLoO

5 years ago#70
AXKSION posted...
FF7 and yes

best game of all time
I'm entirely sure, your entirely sure, what I'm suggesting
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