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shout out to 90s kids

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User Info: L_M_4

5 years ago#91
Legends of the Hidden Temple anyone?
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User Info: RioichiCooper

5 years ago#92
Motsu posted...

How about a Married with Children game? Al Bundy + Shoe Gun + Fat Women enemies + Mother in law side boss + Peggy as main boss = win.

That would be awesome, but we never saw Peggy's Mom so that would be a difficult fight to design. A Psycho Dad minigame would be really cool.
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User Info: The_Mighty_KELP

5 years ago#93
I can't think of a show I'd like a game about, but I do know a game I'd love a sequel to: Demon's Crest. It was a metroidvania-ish title for the SNES. Absolutely awesome in many ways. I'd love a new one for the 3DS.
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User Info: Hitman1102

5 years ago#94
He-Man, that would be epic

User Info: G_Physalis

5 years ago#95
Ronin Warriors for the win. Maybe in a Dynasty Warriors or Sengoku Basara style. Man, I loved that show. I recently found the complete DVD set with OVA's that had bever aired on Toonami. Made my day. Something I found funny - it was called Samurai Troopers in Japan. Why'd they even bother changing the name for America? Haha.
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User Info: Filgaia87

5 years ago#96
Street Sharks. Nuf said.
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User Info: songoku0206

5 years ago#97
Gummy Bears, Mighty Ducks, Mutant League and Doug

User Info: Anodyne11

5 years ago#98
snoopymark posted...
chrishanner posted...
Teenage Mutant Hero turtles. I'm from England, we weren't allowed the Ninja turtles!!

Really?! Im trying to remember the theme tune and i think you may be right.

Yeah it was Hero Turtles here because "Ninja Turtles" was too violent a name >_>
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User Info: Got_Sony

5 years ago#99
Dragonball Z
Looney Toons
Ed ed and Eddy ( yeah i i know i messed up that name)
Power Rangers

And alot more.
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User Info: L_M_4

5 years ago#100
Also, Ed Edd and Eddy had a game for the Ps2, don't remember if it was any good or not.
Psn: BloodFalcon
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