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How much have you supported Capcom this gen?

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User Info: qwertyMrJINX

4 years ago#51
Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. That's all.

Well, I also bought the original Dead Rising, but that was used. Wanted to buy Asura's Wrath to support CyberConnect2, but never got around to it.

EDIT: Totally slipped my mind, but I also bought Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Dino Crisis on a whim.
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User Info: Maximoom

4 years ago#52
Devil may cry 4. bought new on sale.
Super SF4 Arcade. bought used and resold.
No Dlcs.

User Info: Vivi0198

4 years ago#53
Capcom makes great games. I buy and play great games = huge Capcom supporter.
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User Info: PolishCockatiel

4 years ago#54
Purchased DMC4 and Rsident Evil 5. No DLCs
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User Info: SniperNightOwl

4 years ago#56
Way too much than I should of : /
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User Info: srxog4ps3

4 years ago#57
I haven't supported Capcom as much as I have in the last gen, and, unless they get their effing act together, I don't plan on supporting them any further! I have only bought SFIV, SSFIV, Devil May Cry 4, and Devil May Cry Collection. They completely ruined Resident Evil series, so nice going Capcom!

User Info: Enix Belmont

Enix Belmont
4 years ago#58
I started to type a list, but really, almost all of them. Games I'm missing are like...RE: ORC, Dead Rising Chop till you drop.

I like their games still. I don't feel the quality has been bad, just the business practices. RE6 is the first game where I feel the capcom haters are really right.

User Info: Zephyriuum

4 years ago#59
Ultimate MVC3
DMC collection
Super Street Fighter 4
Street Fighter x Tekken

Only those,but i plan to get Resident Evil 6,i'm really looking forward to it but,i'm kinda short of cash....
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User Info: YoshioKST

4 years ago#60
Nada. I borrowed DMC4 from a friend, I consider RE5 and 6 the death of the franchise so I never bought them. I consider Street Fighter as a series very overrated by this point, and specifically dislike SFIV so I never bought it. I was pretty glad I didn't waste money on it when I saw Super and AE release. SFxTekken looked like horribly misguided mishmash of two things I disliked so I never even gave it a second thought.

I was saving up for MvC3 when Ultimate was announced and ended up spending that on Blazblue. As for Dragon's Dogma, it looked good, but my faith in capcom had long since died, so they don't get the benefit of the doubt.

Oh, wait, I -am- planning to pickup any new Ace Attorney game, provided it's good and written by Shu Takumi.
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