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Anything i can do about PS+ taking 17.99$ by force?

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User Info: AwayFromHere

5 years ago#21
crazyman32 posted...

Amazon Prime for instance will do that if you don't turn off the auto renewal before your free trial month expires if you have your CC info stored on Amazon.

And the Netflix free trials, Hulu+ free trials.

Oh yeah, and don't forget Xbox Live. Hell, they'll continue billing an expired card and then suspend you until you pay.
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User Info: mysticvegeta17

5 years ago#22
Quote:mysticvegeta17 posted...
I thought I was the only one who went through this. They offered me Plus+ for a week and I said sure, why not. I was under the assumption that after the 7 days, I simply wouldn't have Plus+ anymore.

Woke up to a transaction email from PSN thanking me for my $17.99. Now this is such a small amount and not worth anything big, but really Sony? I didn't know that agreeing to a free service would automatically set my account to auto renew.

I would think it would be like most services, like Netflix. Free month and after that month you no longer have it, they don't set you up for auto pay until you actually go in and do it yourself.

A huge box appears and clearly states your auto renewal has been enabled......


Pics so I can see how I missed it.
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User Info: djruden

5 years ago#23
Sony always

User Info: morphinapg

5 years ago#24
From: kuter | #006
Still__Rippin posted...
Lol! You should have made sure your auto renewal was off, obviously you didn't. Not Sony's fault.

There's another "Automatic renewal" option except the one in the transaction menu?

There should be a listing under your account's services menu specifically for PS+, which has an option to auto renew. Although I would assume if automatic backup funding was disabled it shouldn't go through unless you had plenty of money in your PS wallet.
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