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anyone here having.. code activation problem?

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User Info: oibur

5 years ago#1
i have an old school 40gig ps3.

but i cant seem to activate all my codes?

any body knows what is causing this?

i only play single player games... until i got me a copy of mortal kombat..

and i want to play this online.. but i have to activate the codes. which doesn't work at all.

i will try out a few games here. if i can activate street fighter.. but i doubt it..

if you must know all my games we're bought brand new. and also i live in the philippines.

can anybody here help pls..

also can log in to psn and download dlc stuff. buy ps1 games with a card but i can never activate any of the codes i have here...

help pls. pls.

User Info: AZNrpgamer

5 years ago#2
It may've expired or just been a bad code. Somehow I get codes that don't work as well on occasion. Dunno who you'd have to contact regarding getting a code that does work though. Try Sony

User Info: oibur

5 years ago#3
i tried making a new account.. then i remember that my country is not on the list.
on the psn network?

does that mean that all people who live in the phillippines. cant activate their game?

User Info: oibur

5 years ago#4
what if i decide to buy a digital copy of the gameon psn? would that work?

User Info: Iceberg73e

5 years ago#5
The codes have to match the regions that your PSN ID is from. For example you can't redeem a US PSN code for an Asian PSN account.
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User Info: oibur

5 years ago#6
i remember someone said about a blas.. at the back of the manual its a canadian code..

User Info: Jinzo 111887

Jinzo 111887
5 years ago#7
I don't think MK uses it any more.
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User Info: oibur

5 years ago#8
i just found out that my game is asian region.
and my account is us.?

should i just buy digital copy? of psn store? will it work?

User Info: DSKEmmanuel

5 years ago#9
if you have a us account, buy the digital version from the us store using that account. That will work.
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User Info: timeworks

5 years ago#10
Hi, TC! I'm from the Philippines as well.

I suggest that you make an account for all regions, just like I did. If your game is of Asian region, just use an Asian account to redeem the code, that should do the trick! =)
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