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Engadget review superslim "nothing about the redesign feels like an improvement"

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User Info: antoinejones

4 years ago#41
zerodefect posted...
From: ScreamingMidget | #155
ChaoticKnuckles posted...
The same way that you REALLY seem to dislike incorrect grammar is the way that I feel about personal attacks on people where their only "transgression" is some improperly placed punctuation.

Everyone makes mistakes, but man...stuff like actually knowing the difference between the plural and the possessive form or knowing that there/they're and their (or your/you're) in fact DO NOT mean the same thing, even though many people seem to believe that, is not that hard.

One just sees these things on a daily basis and the face-desking starts to hurt after a while. And my first language isn't even English.

I think most people do know the difference. I also feel most people don't care. This is an internet message board, it's funny when people go all Nazi about grammar. The worst part is when someone uses the wrong 'there' and a whole topic gets derailed discussing it.

This. I know I for one dont care, for the very reasons listed there, as long as I get the point across the rest is irrelevant. Now if it were a job interview/application/resume or something school related (aka things that are actually IMPORTANT/MATTER) then I'll step my game up and take the time to do things correctly.
My first time and day in Jueno and the first 6 hours of it is spent staring at a chocobo's butt.

User Info: DrEaM_420

4 years ago#42
I cant believe the nerds are crying about a plural form of a toy that nobody even plays with pathetic...not even the funny kind of pathetic, just pure gamefaqs I wish my dong was a little longer pathetic.

And if you dont like the superslim, dont buy it, nobody cares what your opinion is of it.

User Info: deathsaber79

4 years ago#43
Its no secret redesigns are mostly about cost saving. Cheaper to make console = bigger profit margins for Sony per sale.

It also helps then eventually make a price cut down the road and still make money.

User Info: itachi00

4 years ago#44
is there really no difference to the slim version? I heard it has a faster memory read was that true? rate my amv
ore wa kisama o taos o monoda, Ore ni kanau mono ha sonzai shinai

User Info: zerodefect

4 years ago#45
I think console re-designs should instead of making them cheaper, make them faster. I wouldn't mind buying a new version if it meant that I could go back and play some games a bit better then before. I know it's not really possible when the games themselves are designed not to use more RAM than available and game performance is tied directly to the CPU at design time, but maybe force anti-aliasing on the GPU side and give it some more power (better frame rates too).
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