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Poll : Dark Souls vs any other games in the PS3 Library .

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User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#11
roysax posted...
Other: Demon's Souls

demons souls is a better game
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User Info: Alltra

5 years ago#12
Dark Souls is losing it's luster because of:

-Patches and updates (because of whiners)

Right now I'd take Demon's Souls over Dark Souls, because the game is what it is, and isn't being screwed with to make a handful of whiny brats happy.
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User Info: Sayoria

5 years ago#13
danny5329 posted...
This is impossible. How could Dark Souls fall this far behind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because Catherine exists.
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User Info: PoorCountry

5 years ago#14
Dark Souls is my favorite PS3 game so far, but I've only played:

Demon's Souls
Final Fantasy XIII
Valkyria Chronicles
Battlefield 3
Bioshock 2
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age 2 (second favorite)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Super Street Fighter IV

User Info: WantedOutlaw

5 years ago#15

The D. Souls games are boring as hell.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

5 years ago#16

Games I'd list aren't from the JRPG genre or are PS Classics (which are kinda the PS3 Library)
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User Info: Pharsti01

5 years ago#17
Definitely others, i mean, theres Demons Souls alone, and its about 5 times better than Dark Souls >_>

User Info: flame030191

5 years ago#18
Oh look, Others has over 4 times as many votes.
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User Info: gilv3r

5 years ago#19
Demons Souls is the better game, but dark is alright too.
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User Info: Sony_Fanatic

5 years ago#20
Other - My baby is Mirror's Edge. I miss it so.
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