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What's your favorite JRPG this gen?

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User Info: gilv3r

5 years ago#11
Allow me to break this down for you tc. Government agents kidnap you. Black bag and all. We both come to strapped to chairs in a dank wet room. There is a man with some torture instruments. He tells us i we answer the question correctly we get to go.

He asks what the best jrpg is, but you cant answer with a souls game. You say xenoblade. I reply "trick question, its demons souls/dark souls". He smiles at me saying "you passed". I leave the warehouse hearing your screams saying to myself "what the hell was he thinking?".
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

5 years ago#12
Trinity Universe.

I haven't played the good JRPGs yet but I played a lot of JRPGs I didn't like this gen, This is the only game I have no hatred or dislike for this gen.
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User Info: Alltra

5 years ago#13
I've been tempted to get Trinity Universe, but I'm kinda apprehensive now after playing Cross Edge. Both games kind of look similar at first glance.
Math problems are the ultimate trick question. No matter how straight forward and simple they seem, the answer is never what you think it is.

User Info: KOTRsss

5 years ago#14
Nier, hands down.
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User Info: kupo1705

5 years ago#15
Dark Souls

I can't give another answer because it is the only answer.

User Info: timeworks

5 years ago#16
"Eternal Sonata", no questions asked.
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User Info: donkeyjack

5 years ago#17
*Wants to say FF13 but knows how terrible it is.*
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User Info: ramsean

5 years ago#18
I'll give ya my top 3

Lost Odyssey
The World Ends With You
Pandora's Tower
Best games: Metroid Prime, Killer7, Enslaved, FFVII, Journey
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User Info: star_guy_100

5 years ago#19
xenoblade or infinite undiscovery.

User Info: Chocobo115

5 years ago#20
Tales of Graces F
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