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What's your favorite JRPG this gen?

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User Info: Birth_By_Sorrow

4 years ago#151
Since it came out in 2008 (way into the life span of current gen consoles) it's by far Persona 4.

User Info: darkmega703

4 years ago#152
My all tine favorite of this gen has to be devil survivor 1 and 2. I played and beat it multiple times.
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User Info: CloudStrife630

4 years ago#153
I need one more game and I will have the top 10.

Either Dragons Dogma or DQIX.

User Info: ninkendo

4 years ago#154
Dark Souls
Tales of Vesperia

User Info: Dragonfist17

4 years ago#155
darkmega703 posted...
My all tine favorite of this gen has to be devil survivor 1 and 2. I played and beat it multiple times.

Those were pretty great games. I love the first one especially, but my vote would have to go to Tales of Vesperia. Such a great game, and it helped restore my faith in JRPs after the disappointment that was FFXIII. Unfortunately seeing as how this is the PS3 board, and neither Devil Survivor or Tales of Vesperia were on PS3... does Valkyria Chronicles count?

User Info: NezrubBehemoth

4 years ago#156

Also while Dark Souls is made in Japan I would say it is made in the Western style compared to the Eastern one.

User Info: jubjub360

4 years ago#157
hijokaiden posted...
gadragod posted...
I really tend to stay away from JRPG's, but I really enjoyed Dragon's Dogma.

You enjoyed Dragon's Dogma even though you dislike JRPG, for the good reason that Dragon's Dogma is not a JRPG.

You guys are now just being picky. Seriously. Just because there's no underage girls in skimpy outfits trying to beat some ridiculous tentacle monster and have a s****y story line does not mean that the whole genre is like that.

Yes I know that I generalized the genre but most of them are like that.
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User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#158
Tales of Vesperia

The Tales of series always suprises me with how much content they put in those games. I seriously put over 4 playthroughs on TOV. The Tales of series brings me back to old JRPG days where after beating the game theirs literally hours of things to do after beating it. Another contender for my #1 spot was Disgaea 4 but TOV was just my ultimately thought of what was better.

No matter how long I play either the Tales of series or the Disgaea series I would never be able to tell someone which one I like better.

User Info: Zephyriuum

4 years ago#159
Tales of Vesperia,the best JRPG i`ve played until now,there ain`t much jrpg this gen,i miss the PS2 times,even though i still have it....
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User Info: eatmorepeeps

4 years ago#160
I thoroughly enjoyed Tales of Vesperia. It quickly became one of my favorite games ever. Now I'm busy hunting down all the other Tales games! Hopefully they will be as much fun!
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