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So people hate RE6 because its popular?

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User Info: AXKSION

4 years ago#121
DrEaM_420 posted...
RE6 is fantastic, I would say better then 5, almost as a good as 4...only reason I say that is because I have played the heck out of 4 and I am not done with 6.

Quit lying. If you had ever played Resident Evil 4, you would know that RE6 is NOWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS RE4.

So, shut your lying mouth.

User Info: digidevilwil

4 years ago#122
Hating it for being popular is a valid reason, since popular stuff has a lot of influence on the industry. RE6 is not a game that should be influencing the industry, and especially not Capcom.
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User Info: ymdase

4 years ago#123
not only RE6 also COD and Final Fantasy

User Info: digidevilwil

4 years ago#124
ymdase posted...
not only RE6 also COD and Final Fantasy

COD influenced RE6, and RE6 will further influence others to keep being influenced by games like COD.
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User Info: calhoun1389

4 years ago#125
ymdase posted...
not only RE6 also COD and Final Fantasy

Likely has something to do with both franchises being greatly overrated in the media. CoD and FF fans both have an issue with their communities vocally dissing anyone who doesn't like their franchises. I once admitted to not liking RPGs on this board and got flamed in a thread for hours because I "have a bad taste in games" and "shouldn't be playing games because RPGs are the best genre ever."
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User Info: DarthSchubert

4 years ago#126
crazyman32 posted...
Stanger5150 posted...
DarthSchubert posted...
RE6 might be a great game. But it isn't the game I wanted. If you loved McDonalds (sick, I know) but one day they became a Pizza joint, you wouldn't be happy, even if the pizza was awesome.

Resident Evil was once THE premier horror series. Now it's an action series. Regardless of your opinion of the games as action games (I'm not a fan) you'd still be annoyed if you were an original fan since they switched genres.

I think it's made worse by the rarity of good horror games. Dead Space 3 is looking to take the same path as RE; more action, less horror. Silent Hill is consistently inconsistent. Alan Wake was a breath of fresh air. What else do you have? Gotta head to the PC.

There are already 10+ top tier action games a year, between FPS and over-the-shoulder games, not to mention God of War type games. Horror fans get 1-2 a year, tops.

I was an original fan, and I love RE6.

same here I played the original when it first came out and the rest after that and yeah I am a fan of RE6.

Thank you both for actually responding and not ignoring these posts... it seems most of the people here are too busy claiming anyone who dislikes this game is just a hater to read the posts from people trying to give real reasons.

You might like the game; I actually enjoyed RE5 myself, despite a handful of things. But I didn't enjoy it as an RE game, I enjoyed it as an action game. I don't think it is unreasonable for fans of the original games in the series to not like the fact that the series abandoned it's roots. That doesn't make us a bunch of blind capcom haters (newsflash: I buy other capcom games). Frankly, saying anyone who criticizes the game is a blind hater is complete fanboy-ism. Yes, there are some haters - welcome to the internet. You ignore them, and pay attention to people who try to make points.

Anyways, you know what would have been a good solution here (but sadly, too late)? If Capcom had made RE5 and RE6 the same way they used to make their RE lightgun games and the RE multiplayer games - as semi-canon, offshoots from the main series. Then they could have kept making the horror games which, until they stopped making them, were still wildly succesful (Code Veronica + the 'transitional' RE4). Instead Capcom decided to just abandon the horror roots entirely. That's unfortunate.

Their games are still selling well, so they definitely haven't failed. But they stopped making horror games while their horror franchise was still succeeding. So we also don't know how succesful they would be if they had kept down that path.
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User Info: superbowl54

4 years ago#127
Grandy12 posted...
icewolf74 posted...
Honestly these fanboys have been crying ever since RE4. Just ignore them and eventually they will go away.

Okay, let us clarify the terminologies here;

"fanboy" is someone who loves the series regardless of the faults, and will go out of the way to deny the faults even exist.

It is a conjunction of the words "fan" (which likes something) and "boy" (who acts childishly about it)

If you're saying that fanboys of RE are haters of RE, you're being contradictory.

don't try to introduce him to logic, it'll only confuse him.
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User Info: Coryo61827

4 years ago#128
I'm excited for the hype to die down. It's not the worst game in the world, but it's not as great as a lot of people make it seem to be. I just think people are still hyped about it cause its still a brand new game.

I already beat the whole game and during a second play through I found myself getting very bored with it even though I really enjoyed it my first time since it was fresh to me and didn't know the story yet.

And lack of secret unlockables in this one really disappointed me (and I don't consider the secret files) to be an awesome unlockable cause I'd much rather have some awesome unlockable weapons in this one. The infinite rocket launcher isn't even in this one. So there's not much to work for in this one kinda lowering replayability IMO.

Just my 2 cents.
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