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So people hate RE6 because its popular?

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User Info: DrEaM_420

5 years ago#41
I've read the reviews, its just generic crying because some Capcom fan didn't get what they wanted...boohoo life is hard, get over it.

Bottom line, RE6 is better then RE5 and I love this new direction they went with.

User Info: RollingCradle

5 years ago#42
It's pretty good, I just got to Chris's section though and it's nothing to write home about really.

User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#43
DrEaM_420 posted...
II haven't played the game but I know everything.
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User Info: DarthSchubert

5 years ago#44
RE6 might be a great game. But it isn't the game I wanted. If you loved McDonalds (sick, I know) but one day they became a Pizza joint, you wouldn't be happy, even if the pizza was awesome.

Resident Evil was once THE premier horror series. Now it's an action series. Regardless of your opinion of the games as action games (I'm not a fan) you'd still be annoyed if you were an original fan since they switched genres.

I think it's made worse by the rarity of good horror games. Dead Space 3 is looking to take the same path as RE; more action, less horror. Silent Hill is consistently inconsistent. Alan Wake was a breath of fresh air. What else do you have? Gotta head to the PC.

There are already 10+ top tier action games a year, between FPS and over-the-shoulder games, not to mention God of War type games. Horror fans get 1-2 a year, tops.
"Life is like a box of chocolates. Diabetics can't enjoy either."

User Info: 101TheBoss

5 years ago#45
When fans can't get what they want, they whine and whine.


5 years ago#46
nope is hated because is not resident evil anymore period
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User Info: balmung2100

5 years ago#47
When I see topics like this being made, it reassures that many people don't know what the real definition of a "hater" is. Disliking something that is popular does not make you a hater.
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User Info: CBASH13

5 years ago#48
Soanevalcke6 posted...
No they hate it because it's a bad game, Most people who like it just like it off Brand Recognition.

How is it a bad game? Doubt you've ever even played it.
It is what it is

User Info: Fredrick2003x

5 years ago#49
The Gears of War cycle that fans talk about is:

Cliffy B said he was inspired by Resident Evil 4 to make Gears of War.

Resident Evil 6 incorporates elements from Gears of War.

This makes Resident Evil 6 the worst game ever by some silly rationale.
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User Info: CronoDyne

5 years ago#50
It's sad to see the TC so desperately trying to convince himself that he actually likes the game he wasted $60 on.
Goodbye Chewy. You were the best friend I could ask for. Rest in peace, buddy.
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