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What PS3 is better the Slim or Super Slim

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User Info: Paulf001

5 years ago#1
My Fat PS3 broke for the 3rd time got the blinking red light. I don't feel like sending it to Sony paying another $190 for a referb which will probably break in a few months when I can get a new PS3 for $200

So which is better the slim or the new super slim?

I saw some videos on youtube and it looks like the super slim has a really cheap disc tray top loader. But is the slim any good or will I get constant yellow and blinking red lights like with the fat 60gb.

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
5 years ago#2
I'm in (about) the same situation. I'm getting whichever one that doesn't sound like a vacuum cleaner, because my fat PS3 got seriously annoying to play after a short while... =\ It's still alive, though.
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User Info: Cinerary

5 years ago#3
Just wanted to bump this instead of making another topic, since I'm in the same situation. My fat PS3 died again, and I'm planning on getting a new one. So what's the word on the super slims, for anyone that can give feedback?
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User Info: st1ll_x

5 years ago#4 for answers. Plan on getting a new PS3 soon..but not sure which 1 to get.
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User Info: HwoarangExpert1

5 years ago#5
Slim would be best as its been out for about 2 years and is proven to work great, new slim has only been out a month or two and could be proven faulty at any time
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User Info: ThePuddingMan

5 years ago#6
I've heard the slims are quieter than the super slims.
I'd go with a slim. Mine's worked great for the past year. The super slims looks like it's made cheap. That sliding top loader looks like a piece of s*** that could probably break pretty easily..

User Info: dr_zomberg

5 years ago#7
psruffles is a bad system
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User Info: Red_Jester

5 years ago#8
Maybe you'll find the answers you seek below. Obviously the hardware's long term reliability can't be answered, though.

HERE are some of the videos that directly respond to the noise levels.
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User Info: crazyman32

5 years ago#9
Slim or Super slim it depends if the design of the system is important to you because,they both run a lot cooler then the fat PS3 .I haven't heard anything about the new slim being faulty at all so it comes down to personal choice and of course you can switch hard drives on both of them.
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User Info: Setzera

5 years ago#10
I can only speak for the Slims being longer lasting than the Fats on average (on any heat related issues).

I know little of the Super Slim models, they have a pop top disc loader, are lighter, $20 cheaper I believe, and they're ruffled like the potato chips, but that's all I know.
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