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GTA5 should have female protagonist. PS3 games should have more females as MC

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User Info: methosagain

5 years ago#31
riddlebox89 posted...
TehPwnzerer posted...
Absolutley not. If GTA wants to maintain it's gritty cinematic dramatized narrative, having a woman play the protagonist would ruin everything. You never see women in gangs or mafia organizations. It's impractical to see them as the head of a crime family. Just for the sake of changing it up a little? No thanks.

So I'm guessing you've only played 4 and never touched the others? GTA was never about being gritty, cinematic or dramatized, it was about parodying real life criminal activities, something all of them before 4 did very well, but 4 failed at badly.

And lol at thinking just because you don't see females in gangs (which there are female gangs by the way) or in the mafia in real life you won't see them in a video game, that's really......failed logic, do you know why? You're applying real life logic to a video game, where real life logic does not matter in the slightest.

I do hope you feel like an ass because trying to apply real life logic to a video game is one of the dumbest things someone could ever do.

Not really, he has a point, the GTA games might be parody and they might be games, but they still have a real world slant to them which is why the fanbase.

User Info: iTossSalads

5 years ago#32
I wouldn't mind having a female protagonist in GTA V but only if I can be a big time slut with her and like make her pregnant and sale the baby or something.

User Info: methosagain

5 years ago#33
Merc123 posted...
I am against games having female protagonists for the sake of having a female protagonist. I want it to have a good, well developed character, if that character happens to be female i am fine with it, if not i am fine with that too.

Its like all the talk of a female Assassin in Assassins Creed, people saying it would be so much better, but i see it being no more compelling than a male character, just as long as they are good characters i am fine.

Point in case is AC: Liberation, they added a female protagonist into a setting ripe for an cultural and historical introspective based on both her sex and race, and then did nothing with it. What is the point, if your not going to use her as an anchor point to the story?

User Info: 101TheBoss

5 years ago#34

User Info: VanderZoo

5 years ago#35
I don't want a female protagonist in GTA.

User Info: thisranks

5 years ago#36
servb0ts posted...
All this will do is make people complain, because they can't tell the difference between real life and gaming.

This makes me laugh thanks to all the pointless east vs. west topics which really have nothing to do with gaming itself but are more along the lines of differences of a personal nature which is a real life issue. If you really want to think making gaming a regional issue is a good thing then you have bigger issues than gaming.

The way i see it, if the game calls for a female protagonist or an ethnicity other than caucasian that's the devs decision. I'm pretty sure going in they have a damn good reason why the gender or the ethnicity of said protagonist is set from the get go. That said, i don't particularly care what the gender or ethnicity is anyways just like i don't care what region they come, i buy games to enjoy them for they are.

Sadly the art of purchasing games is becoming extinct thanks to biases more than any other reason.
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User Info: minecraft

5 years ago#37
lol nerds still using kitchen and sandwich jokes
no wonder you are still hugless virgins

User Info: riddlebox89

5 years ago#38
TehPwnzerer posted...
because a female protagonist isn't realistic...unlike their new direction......get it?

Can you imagine Goodfellas with a female cast? GTFO. You wouldn't know good storytelling if it hit you in the face. The reason I'm applying real life logic is because the game is TRYING to be REAL LIFE, it's not a comic book anymore. It's the same reason it works for Saints Row, because it's a comic book, not a drama.

So I guess all the games that have good female protagonists aren't being realistic because they're not showing them in the kitchen making sandwiches and in the bedroom wearing some random stripper costume?

And Rockstar said it themselves that witch each numbered game the style of the games will change, so 5 will not have the same style as 4, oh, and lets not forget, 4 was in no way shape or form realistic, remember Roman getting a nice bullet to the stomach? Yeah I hate to tell you but him surviving and walking around like it never happened the next day is not realistic at all, the stomach is one of the most painful areas to be shot in, he'd have been dead before they got to a hospital.

Have you seen Goodfellas with an all female cast? No? ok then, why the hell are you pissing and moaning about how bad it would be if it's never been done and therefor, you don't know whether it would be good or not?

Lol good story telling, so you think GTA4 has good story telling? That's cute. Seriously though that's like saying MGS4 had a good story and trying to make it seem deeper than it really is, when the facts remain, it was all nanomachines.

The game is not trying to be real life, it's trying to be a game, and regardless of whether any game is trying to be real life at all, applying real life logic to it is still stupid.

Make up any excuses you want kid, but it's pretty clear that you have a problem with female video game protagonists, and females in general, it's pretty damn obvious by how you rage on and on about how a female protagonist in GTA would ruin it, since only someone who disliked something so much would go on and on about how something would ruin a game when it's never been done before and they have no clue as to whether it would ruin it or not, unless you have a time machine.

Not really, he has a point, the GTA games might be parody and they might be games, but they still have a real world slant to them which is why the fanbase.

Which is why the fanbase...what? How the hell do you expect people to take you seriously when you don't even finish your sentences?

And no, they don't have a real world slant to them, there's barely anything realistic about any of them, hell I could probably count the number of things that are realistic in the whole franchise on one hand using three fingers or less.

They were all about parodying real life criminal activities, for over the top fun, GTA4 was just San Andreas with its balls cut off.
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

5 years ago#39
While I definitely would like to see them attempt a female lead in a GTA game, I think they would probably not do that. As childish as it sounds, that may impact sales negatively. As an "episode" pack, I see no reason not to.
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User Info: SuplexKirby

5 years ago#40
I too am hoping for a female protagonist in GTA5.
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