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If you can live in a videogame for a week, what game would you live in?

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User Info: Eddie_Riggs

4 years ago#151
BRÜTAL LEGEND!!!! I will take Lita.

User Info: Apeman1813

4 years ago#152
Pokemon is the first thought that came to mind. Enslaving little creatures to do my bidding for me while I stay out of harm's way and reap the benefits... yes...

GTA IV (post game) is another one I would go with. TC said if we die we go back to the real world. Well, as far as the GTA series is concerned, you never die; you just end up in the hospital. Another perk about it is if you get caught be the cops you only pay a small price to get back on the streets with no jail time whatsoever.

On the side note, I don't think I could like in a game without some kind of modern technology like Elder Scrolls or Zelda games.
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User Info: James Mason

James Mason
4 years ago#153
Definitively NOT Dark Souls...


There goes my one week vacation in Lordran, back to flipping burgers.
The wind carried screams from the west. I could not help but smile - Kain PSN/MGO ID : Stealth_Cobra | MGO Character : Stealth_Viper

User Info: loc182

4 years ago#154
Don't worry, you never really die in Dark Souls!

For me, Phantasy Star II. (The original Genesis / Mega Drive release, not the online stuff.)
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User Info: RealTides

4 years ago#155
any harem hentai game

User Info: King_Yellowman

4 years ago#156
either Doom or manhunt

i cant seem to make up my mind..
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User Info: BluntGrunt

4 years ago#157
Mass Effect definitely.

User Info: lostlibrarian

4 years ago#158
Elder scrolls, for sure. I'd spend a week huddling in the corner of an inn and come home able to become functionally invisible by crouching.

User Info: oibur

4 years ago#159
Fable 1 or Fable 2 or
Fear effect 1 &2
or Any video games that allows me to ride a motorcycle.

check sig is what i do in real life!!!!

User Info: minecraft

4 years ago#160
lol at nerds choosing sex over some crazy adventure not possible in the real world
oh, well sex isnt possible for them either haha
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