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One or two games you are REALLY looking forward to next year?

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User Info: locutus442

4 years ago#101
ni no kuni
tales of xilia
god of war ascension
lightning returns final fantasy xiii
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User Info: foolio1990

4 years ago#102
GTA V!!!!
SimCity and Watch_Dogs are in second place though.
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4 years ago#103
Aliens: Colonial Marines

That last thing they released was just awful.
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User Info: Solidsnake951

4 years ago#104
Rainbow Six Patriots and MGS R

User Info: Evil_Gogeta

4 years ago#105
Just 1:
Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken All Star Battle!
PSN: GuiltyPersona Official Foreign JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken #1 Fan
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User Info: LightningCamaro

4 years ago#106
The Last Of Us
Yakuza 5 (hopefully we'll get a translated version before long)
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User Info: TifaLink0

4 years ago#107
So many potential great games hitting in 2013, If I had to pick only 2 right now then, BioShock Infinite & Tomb Raider 2013.
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User Info: The Red Shadow

The Red Shadow
4 years ago#108
Tomb Raider
The Last of Us
Dead Island: Riptide
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User Info: stawg007

4 years ago#109
Ground Zeroes
Tomb Raider

User Info: snaggleoooo

4 years ago#110
Ajescent posted...
Persona 4G (EU)
FFX HD (lol)

Wait; there's going to be an FFX HD next year? Considering it's my favourite game of all time, this instantly goes to #1. I'm pretty keen for GTAV too, as long as it goes back to its roots of VC and SA instead of the graphical gem but completely anti-fun-ness of GTAIV. Pretty keen for Europa Universalis IV too, but I can't imagine I'll have massive backing on that one in this community.
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  3. One or two games you are REALLY looking forward to next year?

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