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What's a game's opening that gets you pumped?

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User Info: SkiethXInnis

5 years ago#1
I mean REALLY gets you to look forward to the story and gameplay
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User Info: Dark World Ruler

Dark World Ruler
5 years ago#2
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User Info: GradyHoover

5 years ago#3
SoulCalibur II always did that for me. That opening montage was epic back in the day.

Resistance 3 has the killer opening in the modern era, to me. The way it uses that old-fashioned animation with great art to illustrate how the spread of the Chimera got to this point really psyched me up. - The Backlogger, where I wade through an ever-expanding backlog of video games

User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

5 years ago#4

User Info: Juhani1982

5 years ago#5
Yakuza 3.
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User Info: Sagovic

5 years ago#6
Silent Hill, because of that awesome song.

WipEout Pulse, I simply love the intro of that game.
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User Info: jjeerryyonly9

5 years ago#7
MGS2: Sons of Liberty
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User Info: denniedarko

5 years ago#8

To bad it was the only good thing about the game.
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User Info: Kurizaka

5 years ago#9
Suikoden 3! Great opening.

User Info: Jiek_Fafn

5 years ago#10
That "Who do you voodoo" song in the dead island opening got me pumped for violent zombie smashing fun.
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