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What's a game's opening that gets you pumped?

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User Info: renzsweet

5 years ago#121
Final Fantasy 10, Chrono Cross, Dead Island was catchy as well.
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User Info: Cloud_Insurance

5 years ago#122
they call it MASS EFFECT


User Info: CatalystGuitar18

5 years ago#123
Suikoden III

Chrono Cross (best OST)
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User Info: Storm_Walker

5 years ago#124
Super Metroid
Phantasy Star IV
Megaman X 5
This isn't exactly an opening, but I loved that choreographed swordfight in the beginning of FFIX.
Most of the Kingdom Hearts games
Can't think of more right now...

User Info: Xevnest24

5 years ago#125
The original N64 Smash Bros. opening always gets me so insanely pumped to play it's like drinking a 2 liter bottle of straight caffeine each time I see it.

Melee's opening was OK and Brawl's was terrible. They just don't have that same, raw "GET READY TO FIIIIGGGHHHT!!" energy that the 64 game's did.

User Info: Talgrund

5 years ago#126
Quite surprised to see the numerous posts on Suikoden 3, was going to mention it myself as a first choice.

Twisted Metal 3:

So many memories of playing Co-op with my friends back in the 90's.

User Info: MR_See

5 years ago#127
i owuld say the song from Dead Island but the gme itself was kind of disappointing to me.

Onimusha 3 had an excellent opening so im going with that
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User Info: grungastzenki

5 years ago#128
Chorono Thrigger and Chrono Cross

But man what huge letdown for Chrono Cross
the game was nothing compared to Chrono Thrigger

User Info: TheDeadKennedys

5 years ago#129
GT: CrackedOut xAKx

User Info: LightningCamaro

5 years ago#130
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