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What's a game's opening that gets you pumped?

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User Info: Poltergust

4 years ago#51
This topic needs more Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon:

Man the music in this game is awesome.
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User Info: AngelWithaHat

4 years ago#52
Dawn of War Intro

and the StarCraft 2 intro

User Info: SythisTaru

4 years ago#53
Arkham City!

User Info: ArmedRebellion

4 years ago#54
Definitely the Killzone series. Think what you will about the games themselves, but each one has an amazing opening sequence.
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User Info: Crulex

4 years ago#55
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy VIII
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User Info: Darkjutsu3

4 years ago#56
Pokemon Platinum oh yeaaa
Blue Blazes, Firebrands Awesome x3

User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#57
Well, since it's a game I recently finished, inFamous 2.

That's such an awesome action-packed opening...
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User Info: happypor100pre

4 years ago#58

Final Fantasy (X) (X-2) (starting at 1:26) (8)

Kingdom hearts 2

Mass effect 2

Theres more quite a few more but this will be enough for now

User Info: linuxuser2006

4 years ago#59
This is my all time favorite:
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User Info: GhostPlasma

4 years ago#60
Dragon's Dogma

Love that song.. haha
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