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Which CAPCOM franchise should get a sequel/reboot?

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User Info: SharmHedgehog

4 years ago#111
Mega Man Legends.
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User Info: FuguNabe

4 years ago#112
Breath of Fire

Okami doesn't need a reboot, but another game in the series would be awesome.

User Info: Cable_mvc2

4 years ago#113
No Power Stone? Selection is invalid.

User Info: AnthonM2

4 years ago#114
I want a new 3D Strider game made by Platinum Games.

User Info: negative4

4 years ago#115
I'd prefer Breath of Fire or God Hand, but Mega Man would make them the most money.
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User Info: Omega_Zero_XP

4 years ago#116
*comes in expecting MM and BoF to be highest*

*is not dissappointed*
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User Info: masterman97

4 years ago#117
Strider? :(
Giga Drill Breaker

User Info: brutalrhino

4 years ago#118
Not familiar with many of those games, but a few I recognize.
BoF would be cool, my hope is totally lost for RE however.
As for a more recent title, Dragon's Dogma needs a sequel, preferably with multiplayer.
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User Info: hyperskate65

4 years ago#119
his comparison suggests we're closet african americans.
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User Info: Seksii_Girl_5

4 years ago#120
Wow over 800 votes and only 2 for Gregory Horror show? That game is amazing.
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