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Which CAPCOM franchise should get a sequel/reboot?

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User Info: duorin

5 years ago#131
Grandy12 posted...
duorin posted...
Oh my god, are you still at this again. Just face, you got owned by Genjired and now you are just making yourself look bad. You absolutely have no idea what you are talking about. Read the rest of this and shut up Heh, I could write a story for any franchises that has ever existed and if I can do it, then I'm pretty sure game designers can too, .

Yes, I've read that sentence.

Again, the fact he adds that game desginers can do it too doesn't change the fact that saying you can write a story for any franchise ever made is a pretentious thing to say.

For example, "Hey, I can hook up with any supermodel I want, and if I can do it I'm sure game developers can too."

The later part of the sentence does not remove the pretentiounes from the first part.

Just admit that you are wrong and get on with it. Many of us can write stories, he was just making a point that if he can write stories then so can game designers. Damn. Why don't you actually talk about the games instead of flinging this pretentious crap around? I'm surprise the mods let you go off topic for this long.

Anyway back on topic, I would like to see a new P.N. 03 and a Rival Schools sequel. I think Capcom should really enlist Platinum Games or Treasure to make some of these games.

User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#132
Breath of Fire, as long as it goes back to the medieval fantasy setting of the of the first games, not the weird sci-fi kinda thing they had going on in Dragon Quarter.
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User Info: apeezy

5 years ago#133
Bionic Commando 2... Tweaking gameplay of the 1st plus allowing for new game plus.. Also more Bionics boss fights.. And more boss fights overall.

Rival Schools HD Remake... In the way of Super Street Fighter 2: turbo HD Remix.

Clock Tower... A remake of the 1st one in HD or a totally new re-imagining but still keeping the gameplay TOTALLY survival horror.

Megaman Legends.... Hd remake of 1st two games and then new MML3.

Megaman X.... Remake for download.. In the spirit of the Bionic Commando download remake..
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User Info: Yggdrasille

5 years ago#134
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