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Racist games?

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User Info: blazingsonic

5 years ago#71
Kenaue posted...
Ichiko_368 posted...
SaintZetsu posted...
Bf109_Ace_1941 posted...

Every person is white in every Pokemon game.

They're tanned....

Brock is tan, Iris.....well some says she's black the ballet is still out on that one I think.
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User Info: agrissa

5 years ago#72
jubjub360 posted...
_Cyberpunk posted...
Damn, jubjub got served. LOL i love how the topic just runs over it without concern like roadkill.

Man I wish people would learn the definitions of served and owned. No I did not get served. The only one who got served is the original guy who I proved wrong anyway. The other person was just arguing minor details, and honestly, I stopped giving any sort of f*** after his first post.

LOL no you definitely got owned. Just man up and admit it. It's okay to be wrong. Saying you stopped caring doesn't mean much either. Admit defeat and exit the stage gracefully.
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User Info: Sayoria

5 years ago#73
We need "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons" games in the style of Pokemon Black and White, except for trading insults over digital monsters.
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User Info: cavebear56

5 years ago#74
Mario Kart
LBP Racing
Cruisin World

Those games are pretty racey.
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User Info: ElBorak77

5 years ago#75
MarioFanaticXV posted...
Custard's Revenge. It's a game about raping Native Americans as General Custard. I wish I was kidding.

idiot is idiot ^
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User Info: tonyalmaeda

5 years ago#76
Res 5.

Giant white man goes to africa and kills africans to save the world. And sleeps with beautiful black woman. (Sooner or later)
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User Info: MizuhoChama

5 years ago#77
To be offended by racism, you must first believe that there is difference between the "races" (Which don't really exist, we're all the same race, the human race) and therefore, be racist yourself.
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User Info: spectermaster14

5 years ago#78
From: hijokaiden | #058
The Suffering, the only games that is actually racist.

May I ask what was racist about The Suffering?

User Info: spectermaster14

5 years ago#79
From: Large_Tonberry | #054
Reminds me of this scene from Deus Ex: HR. 20 years into the future and apparently black people talk like this...

It blew my mind when I found out she was voiced by a woman. I just assumed they were not-so-tastefully poking fun at transgender folks.

User Info: hijokaiden

5 years ago#80
spectermaster14 posted...
From: hijokaiden | #058
The Suffering, the only games that is actually racist.

May I ask what was racist about The Suffering?

Well the game did had a fair share of anti-white propaganda slipped throughout the game:

- Right at the beginning of the game the black inmate tells to another white guy "Shut yo cracka mouth, the man deserve sum rispect", this is in reference to Torque killing white people, hence his deserve for "respect".

- At the end of the game, it was "revealed" (which was pretty easy to figure out even before that) the Torque was framed for the murder of his familly by "blue eyed white devils", especially due to the fact that they directly zoomed unto the eyes of the ones who framed Torque, to show us that their eyes were blue hence white (since the face was covered).

- The CO director was being thrown as a typical "racist southerner redneck with a hick accent" liberal stereotype, he even whore a cowboy hat inside the prison.

There were other stuff thrown in like the monsters from the slave ship and probably other small stuff.
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