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Racist games?

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User Info: cymanx

5 years ago#81
Motsu posted...
We need "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons" games in the style of Pokemon Black and White, except for trading insults over digital monsters.

To be fair, there were few racists in All in the Family. Archie Bunker was more classified as racial then racist. He didn't so much hate non-whites as he might have made a few racial jokes. Mind you, there WERE racists IN the sitcom, but Archie Bunker wasn't really racist. If you are going to count in All in the Family, you have to count in the Jeffersons too, since they are essentially the black equivalent.

And everyone either has a different opinion on races and ethnic groups, tells a racial joke, or laughs at them secretly. It doesn't mean any of us are racist.

And nobody in the jetsons were racist. Just because there isn't a black or hispanic in a cartoon, doesn't mean that anybody is racist. The BET Channel has television shows all the time that only seem to glorify blacks. Look at the Lifetime channel, a channel for women... Have you ever seen what could easily be called a "guy show" aired on the Lifetime channel? (sitcoms do not count) My point is a television show doesn't always project racist behavior.

If you must count the jetsons as racist, then you must count most jrpgs as racist since in most, there are certainly no blacks at all in certain games.
Maybe if we talk to the television, and know everything there is to know about football, that our favorite team will make it to the super bowl...
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