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PS3 Games you cannot bring yourself to finish?

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User Info: Ichigo_Uchiha

4 years ago#41
Star Ocean - The Last Hope -International-. It was my first SO game, and I horribly regret picking it up. The battle system was the only thing fun about it, while everything was was just so.... so bland. And it didn't feel like I could actually go anywhere, or had any freedom except in battle.
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User Info: madetoheal

4 years ago#42
Dead Island, and to make it worse, I'll most likely get the new one as well.

User Info: Pururut

4 years ago#43
Hyperdimension Neptunia - After a year I bought it, I still haven't finished it. I'm currently playing it again to get the easy platinum

Borderlands 1 & 2 - I like the games but for some reason, I'm just not in the mood to finish the main storyline.

Bioshock 2 - I only played for 1 hour and never touched it again.

User Info: EverDownward

4 years ago#44
No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
Dynasty Warriors 7
Twisted Metal
Soul Calibur IV
King of Fighters XIII
Virtua Fighter 5

Yeah...I've got a lot >_>
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User Info: the4thstooge

4 years ago#45
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Devil May Cry 4
Ninja Gaiden II
most Castlevania games
every Deadrising game

I have no idea why either. I like them all, but for some reason I haven't beaten any of them even though I've tried several times each.
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User Info: Weiland101

4 years ago#46
Black Ops and MW3- They are just online games for me.

User Info: mcranberry00

4 years ago#47
Little big planet, i hated the game 10 minutes into it.
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User Info: master_chief_82

4 years ago#48
Uncharted 3 (Aiming contros feel off ), Crysis (boring), Rayman Origins and gran turismo

User Info: zzamaro

4 years ago#49
I have finished almost every game I start.

Exceptions are old school games on NES/SNES and PS2 Vexx. Don't remember any other.
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User Info: rpglover13

4 years ago#50
Bayonetta-I love it but never play it for lack of time/motivation. I feel like it's a game to play over an entire holiday break in one go.
Bioshock-I like it, but I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat and I feel the same about it as I do Bayonetta.
Final Fantasy 7(it's ps1 but I play it on the PS3)-I get a major chunk through and burn out.
Assassin's Creed-I find it kind of boring, probably because I never get past the first half of the game before I burn out.
Darksiders-I want to play it through all the way so badly, but just don't.
Uncharted-Love it and got a major way through, but I had to stop and just never started back again.
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