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Which rpg class are you?

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User Info: RSF1212

5 years ago#51
Blue Mage over all I'd say is my favorite. In FFXI I did love playing as a paladin though as much as BLU though.

I've tired White Mage in FFXIV and like it a lot. This I did not expect. I'll be trying it in other games more in the future.

User Info: ScreamingMidget

5 years ago#52

User Info: MerorinQ

5 years ago#53
Black Mage.

Being able to oneshot enemy and doing insane damage with magic is always a YES for me.
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User Info: Madness0fFolly

5 years ago#54
Actually, I'm a Dark Knight by the poll, but I love being a the Majin class from Disgaea. Also love the Dragoon/Monk cross from FF tactics.
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User Info: MEFreak1984

5 years ago#55
I'm a straight up tank.
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User Info: Shankis

5 years ago#56
Went with Paladin because Cecil is my favorite FF character.
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User Info: KeyBlade999

5 years ago#57
Ninja, assuming Final Fantasy III (DS).
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User Info: Rethen93

5 years ago#58
I have to say a Dark Knight wielding a huge scythe

User Info: AuthorNumber2

5 years ago#59
Paladin. Nice mix of offense, defense and healing.

User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

5 years ago#60
I'm the Dragoon Chocobo of the FINAL FANTASY World so.....
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