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Which rpg class are you?

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User Info: Norken

4 years ago#71
Time mage but since you didn't have it I chose samurai.

Gill toss and First Strike are killer.
All you need to do is farm cash and you end up winning every battle. Now just imagine me
a cool dreadlocked black samurai smacking my foes in the face to death with an onslaught of gil.


They call me Mister Darkside Blues
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User Info: poloisbored

4 years ago#72
Too bad there is no Monk/black belt to beat everyone with my fists >:)

Of the one's there, Black knight. Melee offense capable of annihilating those with low defense! Besides, he always wears the coolest armor!
Polo is bored. Polo is not amused.

User Info: noble banana

noble banana
4 years ago#73
Paladin. Dark Knight would be cool but it or something similar rarely goes to games I played. The only dark knight I played is Cecil(FF4).
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