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Recommend a deep, mature JRPG for me.

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User Info: bigtim777

5 years ago#141
Well the only JRPG's I've played on the PS3 are:

Final Fantasy XIII (Most mature of this list)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Less mature then XIII and an annoying moogle)
Star Ocean 4 (Ehhh...Don't really know if this game was mature...maybe in some ways)
Tales of Graces-F (Decent so far, haven't finished it yet though. 50/50 some dialogues mature rest is meh)

I'd say go for XIII it also has the most interesting story so far from this list IMO.
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User Info: LeeCz

5 years ago#142
On PS3

Resonance of Fate

Vagrant Story

Parasite Eve 1 & 2
PSN SevenDiendForce
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User Info: pauten

5 years ago#143
Valkyria Chronicles. More of a tactical RPG it's got an amazing story and great gameplay. Quite posssibly the most underrated PS3 exclusive of this gen.

User Info: PoorCountry

5 years ago#144
Final Fantasy Tactics -- on PSN.

Vagrant Story -- on PSN.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth -- on PSN for PSP.

User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
5 years ago#145
Purification posted...
Sighto posted...
Gotta love P2's "interesting adult characters"

Wrong game, he's referring to Eternal Punishment, not Innocent Sin.

These guys:

The game was cool because even though they still acted like a bunch of token teenagers, they look mature.
You lack the mustache for full comprehension. (Super Paper Mario)
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