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Which is worse on game creators: buying a used game or illegally pirating a game

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User Info: camg27

4 years ago#401
In the end none of it affects "the creators" the creators are the developers the guys who come up with the character and map concepts, model and or animate assets, program ai, handle all the heavy lifting in technical direction, program and make engine tweaks, the sound team the voice actors so on and so forth. these peopole are the creators. when a game is made they get paid point blank period. none of these parties work for free. they also often times dont own the rights to what they create either hence they get no cut of the profit that AAA publishers in the end make.

Piracy and used game sales also dont cut into profits. If someone doesnt buy the game THEY DIDNT BUY THE FREAKING GAME!!! This might sound simple which it is but AAA publishers like to use PR spin to twist the general perception of how things work in the industry through morals to make people feel like they NEED to buy games. Its simple logic. If someone buys a used game at say gamestop a store which likely has the same exact game Brand new in the wrap never been used by anyone else. This means that at the price point with wich the publishers have allowed to the retailer to sell the game at through what they are charging for it its not worth it to the customer. Its not money lost or stolen its money they were never going to make. same principle applies to piracy. The publishers are mad cuz they are out of ideas to milk they cant rehash and make these ridiculous profit margins forever and instead turn to the public and scream help me.

User Info: KotomineKirei

4 years ago#402
Garfield64 posted...
rigice posted...
Technically with the used game, they already made money on it. Getting it free without paying for it however...

Four Kids:

1st Kid goes to store see's brand new $60 game for $54 used and buys it.
2nd Kid goes to store see's brand new $60 game for $54 used and buys it.

3rd Kid pirates game decides it's garbage and deletes it.
4th Kid pirates game LOVES it, wants DLC and Online goes to store and buys it New.

What just happened?

Kids that pirates just contributed $60 to game development.

Kids that bought used took $108 THAT WOULD HAVE went to game development and instead gave it to some greedy scum sucking company. The company that developed the game just got robbed of $108 of money THAT WOULD Have went to them.

So Pirating +$60 Buying used -$108.

This is why buying used hurts while pirating does not.

When they pirate NO potential money is lost because no potential money was going to be spent. When they buy used REAL money is exchanged that otherwise WOULD have really went to the developer.

Only certain people would buy a game new to support developers.

As even if they who pirated it wanted the DLC, wouldn't they just buy it used as well?

There's a possibility of the people pirating the DLC as well.

Also, what if neither party could afford the new game nor the DLC?

So, in summary:

Pirating +-0; Used +-0 unless certain circumstances.

Edit: Also, unrelated to the quote above, I agree with camg27 entirely.

User Info: YoungGganon

4 years ago#403
Well, I'm not going to vote because that would make me a hypocrite though, but I generally see buying used games as worse. Mostly because people like Gamestop can severely rip you off that way.

I figure with Pirating at least you get to hold on to some money.
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User Info: donkeykongjr

4 years ago#404
Buying a used game is worse because it means you were willing to pay money for the game (but none is going to the developer).

Pirating a game is not as bad if it's not a game you'd be willing to pay money for otherwise. However, If you would have bought it if pirating was not an option, it's just as bad as buying used. I guess you could still maybe make the argument that buying used is still worse in this instance as it encourages stores to continue selling used games.

Of course pirating is worse if you're also distributing the pirated game.

User Info: LindyXMJH

4 years ago#405
If you pirate games but then end up going back to buy it new, then you're doing it wrong.

User Info: nin_compoop

4 years ago#406
if I buy a game used for a decent discount then I am quicker to buy dlc. DLC gives me a way to give money to the developer, almost as if I'm saying sorry for not buying new.

User Info: monkeypahng

4 years ago#407
I find people justifying pirating as better with the logic "but pirates weren't going to buy the game anyway" logic funny.

Doesn't take away the fact you aren't supporting the publishers and creators.
The console with the greater spec generally loses.
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User Info: XImperialDragon

4 years ago#408
From: TheBaronBoom
I'll post this again in hopes that this topic will die... -_-'

Illegally Pirating a Game is Worse
but first for something completely different

Here is the truth: Regardless of whether you buy new at $60 or buy used at $20
NONE of THAT money will go to the developers!

This is how it works:
1st: a 3rd party developer decides to make a game.
2nd: developer pitches game to publisher.
3rd: publisher agrees to the game and dishes out money to see the game created.
4th: developer uses money for employes and to create the game. (They are done and will create more games....maybe)
5th: Publisher "publishes" game by making copies.
6th: Gamestop (or some other retail chain) BUYS said copies from the Publisher.
7th: Some Buy the game at full price; GAMESTOP makes much profit.
8th Others buy after the price goes down GAMESTOP makes some profit

The Developer has already made its money because the publisher paid them.
The Publisher has already made its money because Retail stores have already paid them.
Retail stores may make money IF you buy games from them.

If a game doesn't sell well then the retail store will not buy as many copies of the next game by those developers and so the publishers will not get as much money and so will be less eager to embrace the developers next game resulting in smaller "grants" to the developer or the publisher withdrawing support for the developer.

So in short buying new or used is inconsequential so long as SOMEONE is buying it.

So is Pirating. It doesn't effect the developer much as your stealing from the publisher sans the loss of revenue and a ever growing black mark on the developer
(Every person who pirates a game doesn't buy it (generally) and is one less sale (it can add up) )

UNLESS the Developer is a 1st party developer (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) which in that case you are stealing directly from them (shame on you! ;) )

there.... case closed now let this topic die and everyone can get to more important matters.... like which Final Fantasy is the best or if Dragon Age 3 will be any good...

This guy understands how this works. Seriously.
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User Info: PStrife

4 years ago#409

Game creators like all creators have no real ownership of their creation. Once you have created and unleashed it to any channel or form of distribution model it is no longer your duty to pretend to be judge/jury/executioner of how it evolves or fails within the human consumption model.

If you choose to live in the false fascade of ownership/entitlement, when you are nothing more then a useful contracted out tool that is a issue of self.

This higher then thou topic is useless, as it clearly chooses to ignore how things really work and why. Both are equal, as clearly the developer and publisher failed on some level of worth - prior to the consumer's reaction to their creation.

User Info: GoatJugSoup

4 years ago#410
Pirating. Its completely stupid to even suggest buying a used game is a bad thing. Ive forgotten the percentages now but it was quite sizable the amount of money that gets pumped back into the games industry from people selling their used games. This would not be possible if those used games were not in demand. Taking away used games would put a big dent in the games industry that it might not be able to recover from.

On the otherhand pirating doesnt put money in anywhere and while its debateable as to whether or not it actually takes money (would pirates have bought in the first place if piracy was not an option?) it already loses on that point.
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