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Final Fantasy XIV "End of an Era" Trailer

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User Info: wolfebanes

4 years ago#61
Damn that trailer was awesome, I haven't played FF14 for like 6 months, mind recapping what exactly the story is behind a realm reborn?
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User Info: AuRoN2500

4 years ago#62
Very interesting trailer. Might actually keep my radar on this game..

User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#63
Wow, I just watched it again with sound and in HD (wasn't at home before).

I'm speechless. I'm gonna go as far as saying that between the FINAL FANTASY Type-0 and Dissidia 012 pre-release videos, Agnis Philosophy and this, FINAL FANTASY is as interesting as its high point.
If only, FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII and Lightning Returns are as interesting as this, then FINAL FANTASY is on fire.
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User Info: Prettzikens

4 years ago#64
Basically this the end. That huge fight you see about a minute in? That happened in-game (with much more lag and disconnecting though) and as soon as the servers went down, SE posted this video to show what happened next. Pretty much the past year has been teying to stop that meteor but as you can see, it didn't happen so now we get ARR.
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