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FAR CRY 3 who's buying?

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User Info: este914

5 years ago#21
Maybe. Far Cry 2 was just 'eh' to me so... I dunno. I'll wait and see.
-> este914 <-

User Info: Lapanui

5 years ago#22
I actually had Hitman and Far Cry 3 on preorder, I decided that I would only get one brand new game on release day a month, I couldn't cancel Hitman as I had already agreed to it or something. It's when they sent out the Sniper Challenge was when I couldn't cancel it. So I'm getting Hitman first, finish that and then get Far Cry 3.

Hopefully it will drop in price a little bit and I can use my ShopTo points on it which would save me £14.
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