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So, why do some guys choose female mains over male?

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User Info: coconutarmy1

5 years ago#301
I go male because I play RPGs with my friends and the character is a virtual representation of yourself. You look kind of dumb if you're a 6 foot dude and you're controlling a girl.
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User Info: 8Bomberman

5 years ago#302
I'd rather stare at a girl for the whole game then a guy

User Info: MourningReigns

5 years ago#303
8Bomberman posted...
I'd rather stare at a girl for the whole game then a guy

Do you pick girls for games that are in first person?
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User Info: lightning_omega

5 years ago#304
Honestly, there's nothing wrong with choosing a female if you're a male and vice versa. I'm a male and I use female characters just as often as males (depending on the genre since most game still use male protagonists). I was raised using Chun Li and here I am now. I guess you can say it feels normal to me.

User Info: YggdrasilsSword

5 years ago#305
I always assumed this was a way for men with mild transgender or bigender tendencies to explore those feelings without having to fully identify as a woman in real life. That's me trying to play psychiatrist for the entire Xbox Live community.

User Info: Kikoman589

5 years ago#306
Just to play as something different from the usual male leads.
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User Info: king_madden

5 years ago#307
Devilman_Amon posted...
king_madden posted...

yea see thing is, we arent talking about games like pacman or qbert. we are talking about men/women in video games. if I could go to the bar and wield some magic, level up, and instantly become faster or stronger I would. I wouldnt play games at all.

if i prefer games that are more "believable" but just in a sense that "ok someone with this power or build can do this", like a kid beating a dragon with a stick, I would say thats pretty ridiculous, but a man with a sword and magic doing it makes more sense. neither offer much realism, but its what I prefer.

but hey thanks for the suggestion though, I NEVER thought of doing that.

With great power comes great responsibility...

plus "magic" isn't supposed to be believable. That's what science is for.

didnt really get what i was saying.

User Info: TaijutsuJoshua

5 years ago#308
...Well this discussion sure took off since I logged out.
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User Info: Ex275

5 years ago#309
lukaself posted...
Ex275 posted...
lukaself posted...
Ex275 posted...
lukaself posted...

Take time to read the article and you'll see that the survey was only aimed at gamers... believe it or not but the average gamer's age is 35. That's the difference between a serious survey, and a random blogging site. By my own experience only I tend to agree with these figures.

I read the article and survey and sorry to inform you but it's about gamer tastes and how most homosexual gamers prefered the RPG, since that was the only genre that people wanted more content catered to homosexual. It's about demographics.

See this quote: "Rockwood has designed a survey which examines the sexual diversity of gamers and how sexual orientation affects their gaming tastes and concerns."

So not 48% of gamers are homosexual that would be silly, especially concerning the large amounts of homophobia in video game culture.

You read it all wrong and my comment too. I never wrote that 48% of gamers are homosexual and this quote isn't implying it either. You have stop making silly shortcuts.

Wait, you think I think that 48% of gamers are homosexual?
I thought you thought that 48% of gamers are homosexual.

My quote was to show that the point of the poll was about the preferences in the gay gamer demographic. I put it because I thought you were saying the poll proved that 48% of gamers were homosexuals.

I am being silly today.

Hmm yes you are. If you read the charts correctly the possible answer to your sexual orientation is noted from 1 "Completely Heterosexual" to 7 "Completely Homosexual" it is only the number 31 question on about 50. So if it's about a gay population how in hell does 28% answered that they are COMPLETELY HETEROSEXUAL. You'll need to make sense quick or I'll just assume that you think that bisexual and homosexual are the same thing. (and subsequently close the argument cause we're getting way too far off topic)

Actually yo did say the following statements:
"Mwahahaha, not too imaginative, are you? Are you aware that according to a recent and serious survey, 48% of gamers are, at least, bisexual or homosexual?"

then later you answered:
"You read it all wrong and my comment too. I never wrote that 48% of gamers are homosexual and this quote isn't implying it either. You have stop making silly shortcuts."

So you aren't the one making plenty of sense. I'll leave it at that.

User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
5 years ago#310
MourningReigns posted...
Devilman_Amon posted...
MourningReigns posted...
Also, this is stupid topic as a whole. People are very weird and creepy here.

I never put myself in the shoes of a character, I don't care what the character is.

I'm playing a game, I'm not trying to become one with the character and see what it's like to be a female in this world. Why? This world doesn't exist.

I put myself in that world, and act accordingly. I don't care to see a woman in the leading role of a game because it's not going to change how I play.

That doesn't make me sexist, it's how I play a game.

When I see a movie though, I'm not trying to be that person, I'm watching the person and see how they do stuff. That's a good place to have strong leads of any gender, because you get an ACTUAL PERSON portraying it. They know how it is to be that race / gender and can bring that to the part.

A male playing as a female in a game isn't being a female. They are just shooting people dressed up as a female.

It's probably the whole "Role Playing" argument the :Western game only" fanatics like to drum up. Same reason for the desire of FPS (zOMG I feel soooo "immersed!" *(yeah right). Or the conversation choices you have in certain games makes people think they "are" the character.
Those people have issues. People that cant draw the line between fantasy and reality.
When I play a game, just as you said, I'm not trying to be that person. I'm playing a video game plain and simple.
I don't care if the avatar is male, female, animal, or even a block piece. Its a freakin game.

Yay, we agreed on something!

i agree too
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