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Whinniest fanbase? Which fanbase has the most pathetic sense of entitlement

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User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#61
Lack of Sega (specifically Sonic) mention in this topic saddens me. To this day they're STILL flipping about "HIS EYES ARE GREEN." Hell, Sega used that as part of Generations's gimmick.

Until recently, the Tales fanbase was also pretty bad, although they were justified because Namco wasn't giving NA the games. Now that they seem to be again, the fans seem to have calmed down at least a bit.
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User Info: -Damien-

4 years ago#62
Rickoon5 posted...
idrc82 posted...
No option for sony fanbase?

Seriously. Check out the Bayonetta 2 board and you'll know they belong in this list.

Plus, Mario and Nintendo? LOL, TC isn't biased at all...


Sony and Souls fanbase are the coolest fanbase out there

User Info: shampoowarrior

4 years ago#63
idrc82 posted...
No option for sony fanbase?
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User Info: eragonman9

4 years ago#64
It's more of the "anti-COD" fanbase.
We get it; you don't like CoD. I don't either, but I don't go out of my way to hate on the series.

User Info: nihilist212

4 years ago#65
About 80% of the gaming community whine about everything and feel entitled. My vote goes to All of the Above.
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User Info: superlativeform

4 years ago#66
Wow, this is productive.
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User Info: ArmedRebellion

4 years ago#67
CoD fanboys are just plain annoying, but NOT because they are whinny. In fact it's quite the opposite. They are annoying because they worship IW and to a lesser extent Treyarch and act like if it's not CoD, it sucks.

No, the REAL answer for most whiniest is the FF fanboys.
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User Info: chocolatesoda

4 years ago#68
FF. I lol every time someone says "FF sucked after (insert number here)."

User Info: jakestar0306

4 years ago#69

Just saying... <_<
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User Info: killak

4 years ago#70
Original DMC fanbase.
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