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If you could play ONLY 3 games for the rest of your life....

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User Info: Lodiss

5 years ago#211
Dark Souls
Magic 2013
Dragon Quest 8

And I'd probably regret my decision till the end of my days.
You were indicted.

User Info: troyicus

5 years ago#212
1. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo-arcade/ggpo
2. Ninja Gaiden Black-xbox
3. Ms. Pacman - arcade

This won't happen but listing 3 games is tough.
(message deleted)

User Info: BIMHB

5 years ago#214
world of warcraft
COD mw3 (havent played blops 2 yet so not sure how it compares)
madden 06 or one of the newer ones so i can play online

i cant imagine playing a single player game for the rest of my life lol
2Timothy 2:3
Lets go New Jersey Devils!

User Info: DaxterD

5 years ago#215
Red Dead Redemption GOTY
Company of Heroes

Note that this scenario is effective only if I cannot acknowledge the existence of recent games and systems (i.e. being stranded on an island). Otherwise I'd just stop gaming, plain and simple.

User Info: matty549

5 years ago#216
1. Mario RPG
2. Zelda 3
3. Final Fantasy VI

... yeah, I loved SNES.

User Info: NukeA6

5 years ago#217
Duke Nukem 3D (assuming I can play the user content)
Little Big Planet 2

User Info: MeLikeyPie

5 years ago#218
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Tales of Graces
Here I come, King of Heroes! Do you have enough weapons at your disposal? - Emiya Shirou

User Info: thexdogg

5 years ago#219
World of Warcraft
Rock Band
Civilization V
Orcs should have thier giant shoulder armor sprout jet engines and have 500% flight speed. -- flacodiablo

User Info: ej_2010_ej

5 years ago#220
I will decide that when they stop making games or i die.
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