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If you could play ONLY 3 games for the rest of your life....

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User Info: willraynard

5 years ago#221
Final Fantasy XII [PS2]
Persona 4 [PS2]
[open slot] <-- haven't thought of yet

The other "runner up" games in order:
Monster Rancher 2 [PS]
Pokemon Yellow/Blue/Red/Green [All the same except for slight difference in Yellow]
[Gameboy Color]
Final Fantasy IX [PS]
Resident Evil 4 [PS2]
Residen Evil 5 [PC]
Catherine [PS3]

User Info: bbv92628sm

5 years ago#222
Secret of Mana
Fallout 3
Final Fantasy Tactics
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User Info: JustThink1st

5 years ago#223
Assuming there will be a continuation of new content from online enabled games:
Halo (4). Between campaign, forge and mp there is new content, maps and game types to last forever.
LBP 2. Not one of my favorite games but one I would envision would still entertain me 5-10 years from now
Skyrim. Though this would undoubtedly grow old eventually, it would retain its amazing appeal for a very long time. I've put more time into it then any other non-mp game in the last 10 years and am still scratching the surface
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User Info: TysonBane

5 years ago#224
More about how many hours I could get out of them than favourite games.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Zen Pinball 2
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns
Tyson / Tysno (PSN: TysonBane)
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User Info: Nikedawg08

5 years ago#225
Natural Selection 2

Yes, they are all for PC because I don't think I could play any PS3 game for the rest of my life.
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User Info: CaptainKatsura

5 years ago#226
Fallout: New Vegas
Starcraft (the original,not Starcraft 2)
Herp-a derp

User Info: marko7

5 years ago#227
Dark/Demons Souls
Final Fantasy IX
Little Big Planet 2

If there was other people to play with me then it would be more like this:

Smash Bros Brawl
Little Big Planet 2 or Tekken 5 DR
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User Info: iannono46910

5 years ago#228
Pokemon Gold (replayed it countless times and still have not got tired of it)
Chrono Trigger (same and new game + is a huge advantage)
Final Fantasy X (fun and has the best FF sountrack IMHO)

User Info: Cryptics

5 years ago#229
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (or any TLOZ)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Fallout 3
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User Info: legendfirefox

5 years ago#230
Megaman Battle network 2
Demon's Souls
PSN - Legend-fox-86
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