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If you could play ONLY 3 games for the rest of your life....

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User Info: ilascott

5 years ago#281
Dark Cloud 2, Persona 4, and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

User Info: zinsindetta

5 years ago#282
I guess I would play games that just loop

Sims 3 Pets
Rune Factory ToD
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 8
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User Info: shinyuken

5 years ago#283
sf 3rd strike

User Info: grungastzenki

5 years ago#284
That will be a F******* Nightmare
so i am not going to answer that

User Info: spooky96

5 years ago#285
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Call of Duty: 4
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
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User Info: Dathedr-vodhr

5 years ago#286
i would choose

Final Fantasy 10 for PS2
Final Fantasy 13 for PS3
Assasins creed (any game i guess)
these games have awesome replay value and i love them too.

User Info: 1212-1

5 years ago#287
3 huh? Megaman 3, 3, and 3. For real? Okay, megaman 3, battletoads, and Final fantasy 6.

User Info: 1212-1

5 years ago#288
okay, switch the battletoads with blazblue chrono phantasma uh, whatever the final version of it is, actually.

User Info: SikkaSill

5 years ago#289
These are in no way my favorite games or close to it... but picked solely for the fact that they won;t end and can have almost infinite replay.

1) Skyrim - It's one of the biggest open world RPG's and has an insane amount of content inside. Everything is pretty random and can be played in so many ways. And the PC version can have mods so infinite amount of lore.

2) RDR - Endless mayhem, horses, tons of guns, 3rd person, sandbox world, wanted system, zombies, tons of missions and content, coop modes, and awesome physics

3) Black Ops - Competitive, fast paced, campaign, nazi zombies, mini game zombies, perk/leveling system, best maps in cod imo, yeah pretty much needed 1 multiplayer type of game and this game had many other things i love along with it.
RIP DP, gonna miss you bro! "Bwahhhhh" - Me

User Info: Unbral

5 years ago#290
Disgaea 4.
Tales of Xillia.
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.
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