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COMFIRMED: All Hail the Game of The Year 2012 : Call of Duty Black Ops II

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User Info: Deimos259

5 years ago#21

The campaign hits the same satisfying rhythms, the multiplayer captures the same frenetic intensity, and the cooperative zombies mode delivers the same stale undead-massacring action.


This is serious hee-ho, remember that.

User Info: IChangedMyName

5 years ago#22
Funny, Halo 4 got ripped on by that one site for being the same too haha

EDIT: When I say one site, I don't mean Gamespot.... I meant that one site that I can't remember where the fans went ape **** on the reviewers twitter and blog.
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User Info: PrinceOfFallout

5 years ago#23
LuminescentRule posted...


hahha fail
"This is good... isn't it?" - Big Boss

User Info: Gam3r777

5 years ago#24
+1. I'm not even gonna comment. I'll just take the Karma. Thanks.

User Info: ymdase

5 years ago#25
all hail COD BO2

User Info: colis12

5 years ago#26
I wonder how much this one will sell by this time next year, I saw the first sold 25million so this one could hit 30million...that is one serious cash cow! No reason for Activision/Treyarch to ever stop making them, each and everyone outsells the last, they may be the luckiest developers on the planet.
pie good

User Info: Rinton

5 years ago#27
Halo's gotten better reviews than CoD has so far. I'd expect Halo 4 for GotY.

User Info: AXKSION

5 years ago#28
Not interested in Bloops 2, since it looks very bad to me. Say "hi" to your 2012 World Champions: The San Francisco Giants!!!!

User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#29
Thank you for being useless as usual reviewers.
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User Info: PixelDaemon

5 years ago#30
Weiland101 posted...
I love this time of year, when you hardcores get all aggro over the success of COD.

Newsflash: Without COD the console industry would be f****** !!


We'd most likely have a different popular game.
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