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Parents who buy their underage kids COD games need a reality check

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  3. Parents who buy their underage kids COD games need a reality check

User Info: ChaoticKnuckles

5 years ago#41
thesnoopmeister posted...
None of you have any idea what you are talking about.

Please enlighten us.
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User Info: theshoveller

5 years ago#42
I was twelve when I had my parents buy me Doom. Now, mind you, this took a great deal of talking with them regarding it, its content, and my age and maturity. In the end, they let me buy it, and I had a blast with it.

While I can see a parent buying a game for their kid that's outside their age range, if you will, I doubt that same parent will ask the kid what game he wanted, hear about its content, then make sure it's what the kid wants without even thinking about it or reacting to it in any way, shape, or form.

If it was me, and my kid wanted a game like, say, Halo, and we had that sort of talk, you'd be sure when the lady tries to talk me out of it, I'd tell her we had a big talk about it, and he knows the first sign he's acting immature enough to handle the game, he's losing it.

User Info: _Itachi_Uchiha_

5 years ago#43
I was playing Doom at age 5. I went to a top 20 business school where graduated in the top 5%. I currently am working full time as a finance industry professional. I have killed 0 people in my life, probably only got into 2 minor fistfights when I was younger. I'm not saying violent video games are great for young children, but if your parents are still able to teach you right from wrong so you're less influenced by games, you'll be fine.
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User Info: crazyman32

5 years ago#44
archizzy posted...
shawnmck posted...
^ You must not have read the part where I specifically mention that the game "didn't mold him"...
But I do feel that they helped desensitize him to it and encouraged it by allowing him to see it as an acceptable behavior.

The game didn't make him, but it deserves some accountability.
Otherwise, why even have a ratings system for ?
If it doesn't matter, then we should be letting 5 year-olds play CoD, GTA, GoW, etc.

While they don't cause the behavior, they can influence the behavior by enforcing it.
Trust me, I've studied psychology.

I was exposed to sex, violence, cussing, drug use, and all of that stuff from an early age in both movies and games.

I grew up with just my dad watching or playing anything I wanted.

It never once desensitized me to it in any way, shape, or form as I knew the difference between entertainment/made up situations, and real life from a VERY early age.

I cussed like a sailor around my friends and out of ear shot of any adult but you bet your ass I walked a straight line around my dad or I knew I would get beat with the belt.

I didn't cuss around my dad or any adult until after I came home from the military in my 20's.

I blame this fully on the parenting. Had I called a woman a B**** or been caught bullying in school my dad would of beat me silly. And at 7 or 8 him asking you if "it was ok to beat women" shows he has a lack of intelligence. Seriously. I knew for a fact it wasn't ok to do that at that age even that I had been seeing it in movies for years.

well said +1 that mom is a total disgrace and the kid turning out like that comes to no surprise at all.
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User Info: spectermaster14

5 years ago#45
From: deprofundis442 | #039
spectermaster14 posted...
It's always disgusting to see comments like that coming from people around my own age. I say that because I know for an absolute fact that the majority of us were playing DOOM and MK when were young. For whatever reason, a lot of kids from around that time period grew up to be elitist douchebags who like to control any fun other groups of people may be having.

Not everybody was playing doom and mk. A lot of kids I knew then weren't allowed to play them. Also, and very important to note, the more realistic violence is, the greater the impact it has.

Even if it was, CoD has nothing on MK. A spurt of red mist and ragdoll physics is about as tame as you can get. Frankly, aside from a few scenes from Black Ops that I've seen, I don't grasp how the CoD games have M-ratings at all.

User Info: ShinXagura

5 years ago#46
Lockheart34 posted...
Agree with this topic. I wouldn't buy my child these types of games.

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User Info: ManuKesna

5 years ago#47
From: archizzy | #019
You're infatuated with CoD.

Supposedly your"friend" had an early copy and told you it was "same old same old"

Supposedly you still bought it anyway and played for a few hours claiming you would sell it later for $100

Supposedly in another topic you claimed to have sold it for $100

Supposedly you spent the day yesterday cruising by Gamestop to look at the line and make fun of people for standing there.

So now today you appear to be hanging out watching who buys a game.

Of course all of this and everything you write it pure bs but even if it was true you have an unhealthy infatuation with one game you seem to "not care" about.

Your posting is about as credible as Greer. Grow up.

i dont know about the other things but he did have the game earlier
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User Info: nyles_31

5 years ago#48
And for us teens and adults, we have to be the ones hearing little kids crying about they died of lag or they're being trolled by the opposing team. Its sad but sadly its 2012 and people get even more dumb every year on some bullflarg.

User Info: datopgamer

5 years ago#49
I don't have a problem with parents buying a mature game for their kids because it's their children so they make their own choice. What I do have a problem with is these same kids going online with the games and disrupting our games. I know this happens on the ps3 as well, but if you go online with the 360 all you hear are kids yelling in the microphone because they are losing in the game.
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