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So I platinumed Hannah Montana

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User Info: AlphaOmegaSid

4 years ago#21
This joke topic has been done before, not funny at all. May all the Trophy Hunterwhores burn in hell for getting the Platinum for Hannah Montana.

User Info: ChaoticKnuckles

4 years ago#22
Sighto posted...
Ouch. Sorry to hear that TC. It could be worse though.
Someone I know actually has a Mass Effect 2 platinum!
We give him crap for it every day.

I boosted some of my trophies. Please, judge me about it.

User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#23
Whatever man... just play what you want. There's no shame in that.

However, if you're a trophy hunter, you're not going to earn any high fives for that one!
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User Info: silly_sausage

4 years ago#24
Rafedx posted...
Some people are obsessed with seeing their PSN rank grow.

Probably for the same reason people are obsessed with seeing their characters level up in an RPG or whatever, it gives them a feeling of progression and whatever the hell, I don't know.
John Lennon, 1940 - (Infinite Symbol)
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User Info: Sighto

4 years ago#25
ChaoticKnuckles posted...

When you start platinuming garbage games to get your score up you're taking it too far.

User Info: jackorhoads

4 years ago#26
I've got 20+ platinums and just do most of them out of bordom tbh lol games like Dark Souls or Mass Effect I love but other like Dark Void was just for the heck of it.
Gamefaqs: Where 14 year olds make fun of 13 year olds for acting like 12 year olds
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