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Kotaku: Sony Is Turning into a Ghost in Japan and Around the World

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User Info: Doom_Infinite

5 years ago#51
That’s got to be one of the stupidest Kotaku articles to date and that’s saying a lot.

No one expects Sony to fail. They can take the losses many times over. It’s a ginormous corporation, there are way too many jobs in Japan that have one thing or another tied to Sony or it’s subsidiaries. I bet the government would step in, too big to fail right there.
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User Info: PyroDillbrain

5 years ago#52
Alltra posted...
something about competition being bad

moon landings
most of science and secularism
the US bill of rights
black & womens' rights
universal suffrage
public schooling and education in general
not to mention that parts of the theory of evolution are entirely dependent on competition

all of these things and more came about by competition in some form or another. there are other things I could list but none of them really fall under the category of "humanity's greatest achievements"

even if teamwork and co-operation also played a part in these things, your point that "all" advancement comes from that as opposed to competition is completely false

you also mentioned complacency earlier in the thread. complacency is what happens when competition isn't strong enough; sony dominated the last gen with the ps2 and did pretty damn well with the ps1 as well. nobody could compete with them, so they just stopped giving a f*** and insisted on selling their consoles for $1000 here in australia and so on.

I sincerely hope you are trolling by posting that drivel because if it was sincere, then I'm concerned about how you intend to function in the real world with such starry-eyed child values
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User Info: TomorrowDog

5 years ago#53
My uneducated theory on retail-related big business is that you can't be on top forever. Even when you're above all the competition, investors continue to demand more and more in terms of results until you're forced to begin making cuts and sacrifices for no reason but to hold up unsustainable numbers and your company gets on a fast-track to imploding.
"Happiness is nature's way of telling human resources you're overpaid." - Catbert

User Info: antoinejones

5 years ago#54
companies that are dying/on the verge of dying dont release dev kits for a ne console thats probably costing them millions to make..... they close their doors and file for bankrupcy.
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User Info: Chibirazi

5 years ago#55
Oh look its Kotaku!
A site renown for their well elaborated articles and opinions!

User Info: Korruptor

5 years ago#56
Kraptaku is like the Fox News of gaming news.

User Info: Destin

5 years ago#57
who the hell wrote that headline? it's terrible.
Destin the Valiant

User Info: thanh_911

5 years ago#58
It's funny that this article is posted here on a gaming website for debate/discussion. I read most of the responses and they seem to be all game related (expected). I think what caused Sony's decline is lack of innovation that appeal to people, which stems from market research. Let's take a few examples here. Sony's biggest loss comes from their TV division. They might produce great televisions that include bright screens, faster refresh rates, internet capabilities, and even option 3D technology. But is that what people want at the price that Sony asks for? With stiff competition all around, it's hard to demand a premium on products that doesn't offer that much more.

Now take a look at the portable audio division. Sony used to control that segment for years. But now they don't have many audio devices on the shelves anymore. They were too slow to make something people want. They introduced the minidisc player to compete regular sized disc players, but was that really the way to go? Don't get me wrong, these innovations proved that they're really thinking about making things better. The point i'm trying to make is that these innovations are not what the PEOPLE were looking for, nor willing to pay a premium for them. Where as when the iPod was introduced, everybody wanted one. It was easy to use, all digital, compact, and can hold a ton more than anything available.

The same can be said about Sony's e-reader. I think they were selling for about $250 for a basic e-reader, in a market where they were virtually unknown. Once the word gets out and e-readers are more popular, Sony just couldn't keep up with innovations and marketing. So to sum up my point, I think what caused Sony's decline as a company is lack of innovation that appeal to people.

User Info: shagadelic

5 years ago#59
Other products just caught up.

Back in the day if you wanted the best electronics, be it a TV, stereo, whatever, you bought Sony. Not the case anymore and hasn't been for some time now.

User Info: Actionrat

5 years ago#60
Sony has declined, but they won't die anytime soon. They've suffered in innovation as well as competitive pricing- areas where Korean firms like Samsung has stepped in and done very well. In keeping up with trends, Sony really missed the boat with MP3 players, letting Apple run away with the portable music player market that Sony virtually defined early on.
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