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Should I buy Darksiders 2 or Resident Evil 6

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User Info: Dark_Spiret

5 years ago#11
angry_cowtipper posted...
It's still a bad game. Bad game versus pretty good game? Go for the pretty good game.
just because you may not like it doesnt make it a bad game. more than 2/3rds of its reviews out there are a 7 or above so apparently many others would disagree too.

whats your favorite game of all time? Wait, nvm. i dont like it, its a ****ing awful game!
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User Info: Raycon

5 years ago#12
sephiroth068 posted...
as someone who owns the game and played the hell out of the first Darksiders and loved that as well, Darksiders 2 is not without its flaws and had its share of game breaking bugs that have since been patched, but still disappointing when considering how Darksiders 1 was relatively bug free

Well that sucks. I loved Darksiders 1, but I doubt I'll be able to appreciate Darksiders 2 in the same way. Without an internet connection to my PS3, I'm stuck having to deal with their problems.

I don't know why they don't just make these patches available online somewhere, where they might be downloaded onto a flash drive.
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User Info: sephiroth068

5 years ago#13

aww man...sorry to hear that...yeah from what I hear the game was rushed out the door by THQ which prevented Vigil from polishing the game as well as they would have

The bugs werent that common, and they never even happened to me without the patches, but they did happen to others so im one of the lucky ones

I dont know what triggered the glitches though, and I dont think others know either so yeah its a risk, even if it is small

you could probably play the game honestly since I came out fine from it but yeah, if youre THAT worried over these kinds of bugs though, i wouldnt bother with the game then, especially if you are unable to update the game to fix these issues

I guess they figure since if you have an internet connection you should have your PS3 connected to it as well and be able to patch the game there but yeah, its always best to make these things available on their website or something...funny considering that this is how PC gets their patched but PS3 and 360 users dont have this option (since most dont need it, but it would be nice for those that cant update through their system)
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