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What TV size do you game on?

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User Info: ovattsugkh

5 years ago#1
Me 32"
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User Info: Ocelot4444

5 years ago#2
on a 32" also

User Info: Superfly Jo Jo

Superfly Jo Jo
5 years ago#3
PSN: spacedirtyjerz
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Zelda: OoT, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, Conker's Bad Fur Day

User Info: Gensokyo

5 years ago#4
46", usually.

User Info: backguard222

5 years ago#5
60" baby

User Info: toadieman

5 years ago#6
PSN: toadieman

User Info: arstos

5 years ago#7
Superfly Jo Jo posted...
PSN: dragonlibrarian plays; Awesomenauts, Skullgirls, Jojo's HD, SSFIITHDR, SFIII: OE, MVC2, AH3, KoF 94/95/96/XIII, VF5:FS, CS:GO, UTIII

User Info: Kaibaten

5 years ago#8
Pkmn Black: 0304 7121 7979

User Info: BizzaroMurphy

5 years ago#9
arstos posted...
Superfly Jo Jo posted...
Hooch is crazy.

User Info: Modus_Operandi

5 years ago#10
32" as well.
Modus Operandi,
Chief GameFAQs PlayStation 3 Hardware Message Board Consultant
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