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What TV size do you game on?

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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
4 years ago#11
50" TV - Consoles
24" Monitor - PC/Consoles.

switch between the two frequently.
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User Info: FreeFlowTw1tch

4 years ago#12

User Info: PoloMan6

4 years ago#13
Rec room 60"
Bedroom 50"

User Info: MyWifeBeatsMe

4 years ago#14
same size as my hotdog

User Info: pakathecat

4 years ago#15
PS3 and 360- 42", Wii- 32"

User Info: Colinp42

4 years ago#16
32". Have a 2nd PS3 in the living room hooked up to the 50", but since most of the time I have to play games the living room TV is occupied, I end up playing almost exclusively in the bedroom.
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User Info: Emptybox

4 years ago#17
32" or 12"
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User Info: pladium

4 years ago#18
Josh is Legend

User Info: Juhani1982

4 years ago#19
We are X!

User Info: CGB_Spender

4 years ago#20
40" 3D TV although 3D sucks for gaming with all the crosstalk. Blu rays look good though.
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