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What TV size do you game on?

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User Info: rschrake86

4 years ago#71
55inch Panasonic Plasma

The ONLY gaming tv.
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User Info: Fat_Dog_Mendoza

4 years ago#72
32" LCD. I actually wish it was smaller, because the small size of my gaming area forces me to sit close to the TV. Ah well, I'm moving in a few months anyhow.

User Info: Dommius

4 years ago#73
46 inch with another 46 inch right beside as my computer monitor.
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User Info: xamdamCO

4 years ago#74
My best level:

User Info: donutmanstorm

4 years ago#75
46 inch
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User Info: Bisquit40

4 years ago#76
32 flat 720 in the house. what what!!

User Info: justinlynch3

4 years ago#77

PS3/360 - 32" HDTV.
PS2/XBOX - 20" SDTV.
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User Info: BossVersion1

4 years ago#78
50" HDTV for the PS3/360 and 27" (I think) SDTV for the classic systems.

User Info: ce_ec

4 years ago#79
50" Samsung plasma in my bedroom. Love it.
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User Info: OrangeSchweese

4 years ago#80
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